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At the station, "Krasnodar-1" will close the exit to the platform from the railway bridge.

Administration officials and security forces led by the mayor of Krasnodar yesterday, February 7, tested security measures at stations of the city ..

First stop on the route became a railway station Krasnodar-1. Head of the Department of Civil Protection Nikolay Gil reported that a pre-installed video surveillance cameras will soon add new ones.

In addition, a new scheme of organization of the movement in the Railway Square - it is now being coordinated, the press-service of administration of Krasnodar.

January 27 in Krasnodar, a special Coordinating Council tasked to keep order in the square outside the train station Krasnodar-1. It was also decided to limit travel to the area of personal transportation. To monitor compliance with these innovations will be installed at the entrance to the post of non-stop DPS.

During the inspection, Vladimir Evlanov ordered the closure of airport gate with a railway bridge. Now to the trains can be passed only through the station building.

at the bus station Krasnodar-1, according to the mayor, in the waiting room there is no metal detector, and from the area until it is not removed all unauthorized kiosks. Dismantling of illegal kiosks installed from the area began on February 3.

then checks off at the bus station "South". On entering the building is also not installed a metal detector, however, according to director of the station, it is already booked.

"necessary to accelerate the installation at the bus station" South "protecting the turnstiles, strengthening surveillance in the building of the bus and along its perimeter. In addition, the management station to optimize the traffic. It is necessary to fully utilize "Southern" to unload the bus station Krasnodar-1 and the center of the transport "- the words quoted Evlanov press-service of administration of Krasnodar.

The mayor said that after a week back on the bus with the re-verification.

Also, officials and security forces appreciated the security measures at the airport of Krasnodar. At the entrance to the arrivals hall of domestic air lines installed a metal detector. A taxi rank is moved to the area, located 50 meters from the airport building.

security measures at transportation facilities in Krasnodar intensified after the terrorist attack at a Moscow airport "Domodedovo".

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