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The governor of Krasnodar region about the reasons Kushchevskaya massacre.

The governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev in an interview with Vladimir Pozner told about the causes that led to the tragedy in art. Kushchevskaya ..

Governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev in an interview with Vladimir Pozner told about the causes that led to the tragedy in art. Kushchevskaya.

As previously reported, 5 November 2010 in Art. Kushchevskaya in the house the farmer serevere Ametova Outdoor Green was found dead 12 people, including four children. November 15 in the course of investigation and search operations in the Rostov region were arrested local crime boss Sergei Tsapok suspected of organizing the mass killings and Sergey Tsepovyaz, which is considered the organizer of the massacre. After this had been detained another 11 people involved in this crime, and two members of the gang hoe waiting for extradition to Russia from Ukraine.

"Kuschevka - is the impact of different social phenomena. And the fact that it is not far from Rostov. And the fact that in recent years the economy of this village began to grow dramatically, and if there money, then there certainly is an attempt to take away something, to participate in the distribution of something "- said the Head of Administration of Krasnodar Region in the program," Posner. "

According to him, another reason for a serious crime situation in the village has become the "impunity and permissiveness." "Why is this happening?" Because a number of crimes were not disclosed, a number of crimes was just ignored, so they believed that you can kill more "- he said.

"This group of thugs encouraged by the police. It is a fact, it has been proved. Hodych already detained colonel who patronized, which actually was a member of this gang. And, of course, this imposes imprint on the work of this group of people, "- added the governor of Kuban.

In addition, according to Alexander Tkachev, the heads of the regions do not have the authority to provide guidance

"Tell me, please, and as governor?" He has the authority to fully control the situation? "I have that has its own investigative committee?" I understand that the governor's responsibility, perhaps, for everything. So considered to be so traditional. But a management tool by law enforcement agencies is absent completely. That is the chief appointed by the district police department is not the governor, police chief appointed by the Territory is not the governor, "- said Alexander Tkachev.

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