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Mascots Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi advertise themselves in primetime.

Presentation 13 mascots from which someone in a few weeks is destined to become the official symbols of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Sochi, will be held on Monday - exactly three years before the start of the Winter Games in 2014 ..

First prototypes mascots will be presented on the First Channel. Telecast "mascot. Sochi-2014. Beginning", which will start at 21.30 MSK, will introduce viewers to the candidates, each of which is through the work of specialists in computer graphics and voice-over will be able to apply to residents of the country in order to attract their votes.

For 10 minutes, which share the news coverage "Time" and multi-part film "Dr. Tyrsa, viewers will be able to see the speakers, and possibly dancing rabbit, dolphin, brown and white bears , bullfinch, the leopard, the sun, Santa Claus, certain anthropomorphic creatures and a snowflake. These will be added Paralympic counterparts: matryoshka doll, dolphin and bullfinch.

site of the first channel, announcing his transfer, said that in her "warm word recall bear the famous Olympic-1980. Direct the process will be TV presenter Ivan Urgant. He will summarize the first round of competition, during which the expert jury, headed by general director of Channel One by Konstantin Ernst and reviewed more than 24 thousand works. The outcome of this group, which consisted of prominent figures of culture, sports, arts, and 13 were selected for the competition of ideas.

The winner will be determined approximately in late February after being held nationwide SMS-voting. According to Ernst, is not ruled out the option that mascots will not two, but three. This can happen if several bidders will receive an approximately equal number of votes.

"If the audience votes for the three mascots, then they will have three. For example, if the votes are distributed as follows: 31, 31 and 33 per cent. But at the same time, these mascots should be combined with each other. Medved, bullfinch and matryoshka - a great triad, but the country "- he said in December, after the announcement of the short-list of ideas Mascot Games-2014.

expected that the winners in the voting mascots Olympic and Paralympic Games "settle" at On this website, residents all over the world can watch the online mode of life charms and socialize with them.

"Here mascots will share their experiences with the guests and news related to the preparation for the Games in Sochi. On a visit to the charms will come not only Russian-speaking Internet users" - said in press service of the Sochi 2014 ".

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