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Donkey-Anapka parachutist died from a massive heart attack.

Ass Anapka died in the Moscow horse farm "Arrows Yarily" from a massive heart attack, which is probably the result of myocardial stress.

Recall ass got in Moscow thanks to the assistance of staff British newspaper The Sun, who decided to buy it in the village Golubickaja from the previous owner bypassed after the world of video frames, where the animal is about a half hour flew by parachute, uttering heart-rending cries and advertising thus Beach Attraction .

"The problems started a month after the animal came to us. I began to build up the ass cheeks for food, then she almost refused to eat, and after a week on a drip died . The cause of death veterinarians have identified a massive heart attack "- said Dobrovolskaya.

According to her, for her age of forty Anapka well preserved. The only deviations from normal behavior were seizures, during which the animal loses orientation and could not eat.

"The rise in the air of animal without anesthesia borders on bullying and unequivocally leads to severe stress, if not fatal. Unequivocally, this may not bring an animal of pleasure and even more so to be useful "- commented on the incident chief doctor of the Moscow Veterinary Clinic FeniksVet Olga Bogdanova.

But we can not say with confidence that died in Moscow's ass in general has to do with flying. In August last year, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" conducted its investigation and found that this "victim" name Manya, and it still is at home in the Kuban.

owner Mani Basil Gorobets wonders how one could fail to notice "match": look it up yourself, in the stable now, kicks ass brown, but the one that fly in the sky - gray. " According to him, his ass is under heavy guard, and he will not give it "for any price."

sold ass British newspaper livestock from Anapa Basil Umaraliev assures that no fraud was not performed. In his version, he took a year lease Anapka Gorobtsov, who launched her into the sky on July 8. After this scandal flight Umaraliev allegedly took the animal and sold it to a sympathetic British.

At the same time, a fact confirmed spoofing "KP" the chairman of Fund for Animal Welfare Brigitte Bardot in Russia Irina Fontaine. On behalf of the famous French film star and an active defender of animal it is specially flew to Russia to conduct its own investigation.

According to Fontaine, the veterinarian who examined the ass in the Kuban region, confirmed that she was "lime." According to representatives of the fund, a businessman who sold the animal does not need to be punished.

recall the incident with the donkey took place on 8 July (some media outlets erroneously wrote July 15) at the central beach of the village Golubitsky Temryuk Krasnodar Territory (Azov Sea). According to shocked holidaymakers unfortunate animal with wild cries about a half hour flying over the sea - it was raised so high in the sky, that children who were at the beach, crying and asking his parents: "Why should a dog tied to a parachute?"

Adult brutal act has also caused confusion and resentment. Particularly struck travelers' brutal landing "ass: how to write a local newspaper, it was dragged several meters of water, after which the animal faint and dizzy dragged ashore.

Abroad prominent animal rights groups, including Brigitte Bardot, stood up for the donkey. French actress even complained to President Dmitry Medvedev and a personal appeal to him called as soon as possible, "the present law, which will provide the animals a decent life."

dealt with the criminal investigation into animal cruelty, for which the owners could be sentenced to a fine of 80,000 rubles. But according to the law of the crime can be established only if the animal is physically injured, but veterinarians say it feels good.

police in the region reported that fierce attraction was invented for publicity purposes. However, Vasily Gorobets said that the donkeys do not have fear of heights and he ran it into the sky, "to diversify its life."

currently in the State Duma a draft bill on the responsibility to animals. " He, in particular, provides for measures to protect animals from cruelty, as well as security and legal interests of citizens. The bill establishes the responsibilities of pet owners to secure for them full-fledged living conditions. Specific requirements are established in the treatment of animals used in cultural and entertainment activities - such spectacles are permitted only if permission to hold the event issued by the territorial authorities authorized the federal government.

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