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Cavers drowned in Darwinism.

In rolling out "Sanctum" - produced by James Cameron speleteological 3D thriller in which the main monster appears Darwinian ..

Motley team of divers, cavers several years exploring the caves in the mountains of Papua - New Guinea: they are looking for a passage to the ocean, which eat through the millennia the underground streams. Researchers are closer than ever to open, but it happens a tropical storm - and out pours out water.

requisitions fear, mistrust, decompression sickness, lack of light, self-pity and sentimentality, the heroes must find a new path to the surface.

Those who go to the "Sanctum," deceived the name of James Cameron, which is displayed on posters almost bigger than the title of the film risks being disappointed. First, Cameron acts in this project only as an advisor and producer, and removed the "Sanctum" an obscure Australian film director Alister Grierson, in his biography that there is a military drama "Kokoda" and several shorts. Secondly, the "Sanctum" is more like "Saw" rather than "MSN". In the "Sanctum" is not a bright fantasy world, similar to Pandora, only to cave - naked, dirty, raw. 3D adds an amount of not flying, dazzling panorama of soaring thousands of stamens, and filthy flashlight, diving and twisted individuals.

В«Sanctum" - a psychological game of survival, though in this "holy of holies" (which is translated as В«SanctumВ») there were no maniacs and monsters: the characters are left alone with the thing terrible - Darwin's theory.

underwater depths Cameron is interested in nothing less than alien monsters and cyborgs, and as a cinematic ("Piranha 2", "Abyss", "Ghosts of the depths"), and in sports terms: on the last day of the birth of the director gave his immersion in a submersible in Lake Baikal. However, the "Sanctum" for Cameron, it seems, not a tribute to longtime passion, but no more than a technological experiment. Directed by regularly opposes artificial transfer of movies in stereo - and now he has a spectacular argument. A major contribution of "Sanctum", according to Cameron, is that the film has proved an important thing: to work with 3D-camera (the film was made on the same hardware as the "Avatar") - it's not so expensive, seems to many producers (the budget "Sanctum" is estimated at approximately $ 30 million), and coping with it can even be a beginner.

How thriller Santkum "is not a masterpiece, and there is nothing to reproach, such as flat characters do not go beyond the stereotypes - rebellious teenager, tough father, a rich" boss of life. "

However, this movie has one powerful virtue that redeems all the defects. Still, "Sanctum" invented people who have felt the specifics of the extreme conditions in their own skin. Co-writer Andrew White, a diver and documentary maker, repelled by a real case from his practice, when a group of 14 people two days, was forced to seek a way out of the cave. In life, the team got out safely, in the movie the filmmakers twisted brightness at maximum, however unpleasant sensation, but honestly psychological credibility left. In the flooded caves are not working conventional ethics and morality, mutual aid is strictly measured with and wins are not the most positive and most rational. At the premiere of the movie talked about that after watching "Sanctum", the audience will rush to learn to dive. Quite the contrary: after the "Sanctum" will think twice before putting on scuba gear.

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