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Frick show girls invisible.

Out of rent «Fantastic Four», raduyuschaya their inspirational idiocy Golem in klyare and Jessica Alba.

«Fantastic Four» has a special place in the mythology of American comics. Its first edition appeared in 1961, ie before «People X», «Halka» and even «Spaydermena», and it is believed that with the «Quartet» «all started»: «Marvel» managed to escape from the bondage of eternal embrace his competitor DC Comics, and in ten years to become the leading comics publisher with a monthly circulation of 50 million copies. It is also known that a living legend «Marvel» writer Stan Lee with «fantastic four» has been introduced in the production of his famous «inverse method», when the artist first otrisovyvaet series of attractive scenes with empty «puzyryami» and then they come and replicas sochinyaetsya plot.

immediately say that this was an excellent method to bring in 2005 virtually unchanged.

Creators theatrical «Quartet», seems at first to decide how best to arrange the actors in the most expressive poses, which sets and massovkoy these poses surround what arrange special effects, and only at the last turn, what the words sound and how to link with others. It may seem strange, but this technology does not give rise to chaos and did not spoil the pleasure of viewing. Clearly the same as if you see a group of U.S. citizens determined to obtyagivayuschih tights, the film will be composed of half a demonstration of their exotic supersposobnostey and a half - from discussions on how to use all these wonders of the world to neutralize the evil. And that clarity is enough to shift the focus of questionable peripety subject to far more interesting Frick show of girls invisible, pleyboev-missile lastikov men and men bulyzhnikov - actually a fantastic quartet as easy to guess.

Unlike the orchestra unguided mutants in «People X» supergeroev here just typed in the quartet, all - law-abiding Americans.

supersposobnosti And they are not innate, but acquired by accident. With the gain support naglovatogo haytek-billionaire with the ominous name of Von Dum, a young scientist, scholar partner, fellow pilot and his ability to science sestritsa go together to put into Earth orbit scientific experiments gorshkom with experimental geraniums. Podvergshis unplanned attack mysterious cosmic radiation, all five mutiruyut: the body of a stretch in the manner of chewing gum, the other can make a pyrotechnic cartridge, the third - to become invisible (this mutation inherited Jessica Alba, recently polished pole in zaplevannom strip bar «Cities sins »), and the fourth turn into something (The Thing), appeals to some ostroumnomu comparison, but the exact thing that comes to mind - is« Golem in klyare ».

second third of the movie deals with how fantastic quartet under the leadership of Professor beaten over the construction of a special unit with which they are all together will be able to mutate back.

Supergeroi in panic, get rid of their supersposobnostey - it is grotesque.

sarcasm throw sinister Mr Dum, which, rather than build intrigues vseplanetarnogo scale polfilma examining a suspicious spot on your forehead, such as not noticing that turns into a metal monster and the time remaining swears Investor, geranium proplativshimi launch into orbit. His final klounskaya disassembly with «Quartet» and podavno komichnaya Mountain, which has not given birth to a mouse.

The final parody on the comic strip, which «Fantastic Four» in effect and is not available a few key strokes, but the challenge before the movie and not intended. It is clear that in real life silly to cut down the street will be purple tights, but this rule works the other way: the very least supermenam feel stupid people. «Fantastic Four» in these glupostyah well balanced - and the pathos is not svalivaetsya, and stars from the sky are not enough. But ambitious «Batman», pokusivshis on ancient Greek passion, claims to be a sort of psychological depth.

You can, of course, deliver Petrushko skull and make recite monologues Hamlet, but there is nothing idiotichney than hear how well these monologues away.

Legion foreign critics, glubokomyslenno rashvalivayuschih «better» Betmana to reproach pustyakovoy «þÅÔ×ÅÒËÅ», the practice of art is just such a character.

so that recommendations be clear: go and see, because it can assure you - every referee, who wittily rugaet this movie, working on «opposite method» Mr Lee: first the entire conversation bulkaet of fun, but getting out of the hall wrote on the stairs of the first replica for destroying his empty the bladder - the number of characters available to the editor for his columns obozrevatelskoy.

go and look, you can start from July 14, in the majority of Russian cinema.

Ivan Kulikov

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