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Stavropolskie «edinorossy» changed leader.

Last Saturday was VI Conference Stavropolski the regional branch of the party «United Russia».

Main news was expected. Delegates approved the request of Secretary of the Political Vladimir Katrenko the release him from his post due to heavy work as deputy chairman of State Duma.

new secretary of the Stavropol regional department of Political «United Russia» elected Yuri Tyrtyshov - Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Construction and Housing, a member of the Central Political Party.

But the main issue on the agenda is not re-appeared, and discuss challenges stavropolskih «edinorossov» in the light, «new terrorist threats and related legislative initiatives of Russian President Vladimir Putin».

If we recall that the main presidential initiative - the appointment of governors, instead of elections, the concern Stavropolski «EdRa» clear: the second term of governor Alexander Chernogorova expires in 2005, and wishing to become a presidential naznachentsem had about a dozen.

Judging by the change of power in the provincial «EdRe», a candidate from the «United Russia» will Tyrtyshov Yuri.

press conference for journalists boundary media they spent together with Vladimir Katrenko.

Katrenko stressed that he had just passed Tyrtyshovu baton of party power, which it previously received the same. It Yuri Tyrtyshov created and otstraival Stavropol «unity», on which a regional office of «United Russia». Yuri Pavlovich himself remarked that the party he is registered in the Stavropol partorganizatsii, although the place of residence in recent months - Muscovite. Many will recall that prior to the appointment of the capital of the new leader stavropolskih «edinorossov» Minister of Construction and Housing Utilities of the province.

Yu Tyrtyshov said that the main task of the regional organization - the transformation of the opposition forces in the province in the ruling. According to him, today, 20 thousand stavropoltsev are partbilet «United Russia», her party faction includes one third of the deputies of the Duma and regional forecast it should enter half of the deputies. By the way, has been previously reported that the deputy Mikhail Kuzmin GDSK came in «United Russia». And at that conference, he and the mayor Budennovska Nikolai Lyashenko introduced into the political.

Through its faction in the Duma edges stavropolskie «edinorossy» intend to participate in shaping the regional budget, they have specific proposals.

said, and priority action plan the party. The wording «priority» ÓÍÁ?É×ÁÅÔ for plagiarism, but perhaps it will be a plan, an alternative gubernatorskomu.

Alexander pokritikovali for having underestimated the role of the team. Particular criticism led to his efforts to transition to the experimental introduction of the reform of local self-government. Vladimir Katrenko again tightly outlined its position on the rejection of the initiative, saying that even if experimenting more prosperous economically regions.

Replying to a question about the attitude of «edinorossov» boundary to the law, which provides for the formation of local government delegation of representatives of municipal councils in the areas of (a «United Russia» only for direct elections), Vladimir Katrenko said that the alleged Speaker GDSK Yuri Gontar at the conference «edinorossov» made it clear that TimeZero fraction GDSK not quite right get oriented and will soon return to this issue.

Journalists interested in not only politics, but even more economy.

There was a question: where and how much goes the new crop corn, why in the rich harvest this year, farmers are still poor, and no time to conduct an independent investigation on this issue.

Yu Tyrtyshov responded very active and alive, saying that taking that statement as a mandate (a party or as a future governor? - Ed.) And that in general the prices of bread and tariffs for utilities services should be discussed with the public and the parties. However, the question why the federal plug tariffs of up to a maximum wage is not the northern region of Stavropol chooses maximum, Yuri Pavlovich - Deputy Federal Agency for Construction and Housing - the answer is not very clearly, referring to local initiatives.

B. Katrenko was easier to answer questions. After all, it was asked, basically, the parliamentary affairs. And here he is, what pogorditsya. Only on the fund for regional development to Stavropol, in his words, to receive in 2005 to 30 percent more funding, while the federal investment program - four times as much.

- It is thanks to the active work of all nine stavropolskih deputies in the State Duma of Russia - Vladimir Semenovich.

Today, the new leader of the regional office Yuri Tyrtyshovu party «United Russia» and tries to help the authority Katrenko, and other deputies GDRF, and a growing reputation faction «edinorossov» in the State Duma of the province.

can say that is a demonstration of force command. Against this background Vladimir Katrenko remark that the Governor, the edge of underestimating the role of team that looks pointedly. Although the objective: Chernogorovu, indeed, had not lucky with the team. B. Horunzhy - formerly loyal ally of the Communist Party, - «broke» and began to subversion; Yu Tyrtyshov once invited A. Chernogorovym, according to the news of Sochi to manage housing edges, objectivity is in a different political camp .

However, all the governors' ambitions «edinorossov» can break the will of Putin, who, they say, promised to reassign all existing current governors, except those who are seriously interested in the Prosecutor's Office.

And with her problems with the current governor of the edge of yet there seems to be no.

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