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В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
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Simple ways to get superseks.

Ten simple tips on how to develop a man-resistant reflex bring us, loved ones, to orgasm.

В«Once upon a time Oh and Ah"

Do not hesitate to emotions. Each of your sweet moan inspires a man tells you that he is the right course. The main secret - exclaim strictly the case only when a man really turns you on. A fake moans to play with you a malicious joke. And in this stupor is able to introduce a man a situation where he long ago went out of your partner, and she continues by inertia moaning rhythmically.

Christina, age 27, married 5 years: "I decided to stop, finally, embarrassed and began to moan when I feel like it - Marat just replaced. He naturally turned into a rabbit in nuclear batteries. Once when we were in the missionary position, I began to moan, and Marat immediately increased the tempo and drew me to him. I moaned loudly, her husband threw my legs on his shoulders, and a minute later I experienced an orgasm so powerful that darkened in the eyes. "

less words - more action

If shy straight man said that he kissed you "there" - start from afar. For example, declare that you are completely at the mercy of the beloved and he can kiss you anywhere you want, even in the most secret towns. If your man does not differ wit and cleverness and kisses only your breasts - gently but firmly push his head in the right direction.

However, even in this case is not a fact that he can make things right. Of course, you can shove favorite descriptions of various techniques, but it is much easier to show visually.

Karina, aged 35, married 12 years: "My husband has never been against oral sex, but wielded language like planers. Hints do not understand. It was only after seven years of marriage came over me inspiration: I put the index finger in her mouth and her husband showed exactly how I would have been nice. Try for yourself! "

Another tip: while the fact both men will bring you pleasure, take his fingers in his mouth and have a simultaneous chess - show how it can further stimulate you.

Click on the button and - to get the result

Your man may be honest work hard to bring you, caressing the "traditional" erogenous zones: a maniac licking your nipples and a fatherly pat on the buttocks. Worse perhaps is it that when partner immediately pounces on his prey, the clitoris.

Each woman is unique, and her erogenous zones migrate like lemmings. Today it may be neck and tomorrow - the inner thighs and ... Yes I'm telling you? The problem is that no one but you knows your secret spot. Want to have a man you stirred up trembling at the knees - Give him a map of your erogenous zones. Ask slowly caress you - to draw circles with your fingers and waves on the forearms, neck and wrists. About your erogenous zones you can tell right before sex - then you both will be less shyness.

Anna, 33, married 3 years: "I once said to his beloved:" You men, like the drums - you have recalled only one zone. And we are like a harp - we have a lot of strings, and each sounds divine, unless, of course, be able to play them! "And you know, worked. Flushed, and imbued with. "

False start

voltage increases. Abdomen fiery flower blooms. Breathing quickens. In the eyes to darken. Bam! Man, sated puffing, falling on the bed. And you? You have something else there was nothing!

The next time you can still improve. First, select a position for making love, which you will be comfortable, and a member of the men will not be promoted too heavily. Secondly, use the muscles of the vagina to hold a member of the approach of orgasm, or, conversely, do not create pressure for him, if the finish away. Third, you can gently (I said gently!) To take the man behind the testicles, and gently pull them down. This delay ejaculation.

Laysan, 24, lives in a civil marriage 3 years: "When I learned how to control the muscles of the vagina, holding and releasing the member, I was able to control the pace of my young man. Moreover, three times already because of this we managed to finish together. Simultaneous orgasm - it's the plague! I wish to test everything! "

Postoj engine, do not rush the wheel!

man imagines himself a steam hammer, without fear or reproach? So yes, it seems that you are in a zone of turbulence in this terrible shaking already bit my tongue? Stop. It's time to climb into the cockpit and take control themselves.

Ride the man, and you are able to control the frequency of frictions. You can select and option on the side - the position of "Spoons". In it your steam hammer, if he is certainly not a professional pornoakter no longer able to work with the same speed.

Victoria, 21, was dating a guy 8 months: "I myself love energetic sex, but my boyfriend, he karate, overdoing. It seems to me in bed, he confuses me with a pear! Be at the top I do not like. To stop the head guy in the missionary position, I began to compress the thigh, braking frictions. It is not difficult and really works. "

I'm a bad girl

turns out that not all men are resolved to link their passion. Poor thing has to beg for it.

brains of men washed stereotypes about gender equality and how bad suppress the modern woman. In bed, same everything is possible if both partners are not against it. Communicated to your man: if he forgets the hour that you are all out of myself a proper mother's daughter, nothing will happen - except posh sex, of course.

Tell the partner that is not against experience, as his muscular arms will caress your outstretched bound body. Zagovarivat it best in an intimate setting. And you can first contact the man, and then ask him to do the same for you.

Olga, 37 years old, married 3 years: "We are the second husband of our business. Tie me up, Leonid long hesitated - I was already perceived primarily as a colleague, not as a girlfriend. Has done everything herself - when Leon came out of the shower, I lay fastened to the back of the bed with handcuffs in beautiful lingerie. The husband turned on me like a tiger on a gazelle, and in the morning in the office brought a bouquet of roses out of a hundred. "

such a wonderful bunny!

eye on the pink zverushku on batteries? And alone with her you are not very interesting? It remains important - to convince the man that the vibrator (or butterfly to the clitoris), it is not a competitor.

coaxing a man, emphasizes that he is fully satisfied sexually. Hide a vibrator under the pillow, and during foreplay hand man. Let him come buzzing "bunny" on your erogenous zones. Blessed once and for all to understand that the vibrator - just an accessory, but not any opponent.

Jeanne, age 25, married 4 years: "By the second year of life together everyday sex bored me more than thinking about what to cook for dinner, and Boris and trying to change anything! I decided to order a vibrator on the Internet, and that her husband was not worried ahead of time, filed a purchase right during sex. Played with the first member of her husband, massaging vibrator, bridle, and then invited him to play with me. Elation knew no bounds! Now vibrator - passed stage. Each month, Boris already own orders from a sex shop for something new. "

Learning accuracy

Men often casually treated with such lovely thing, like French lace panties and bra. Of course, when the passion sweep, are not going to neatly hang jeans on a chair. But could not give her panties Pekingese, and favorite topics decorate the chandelier!

Natasha, 23, meets a young man 6 months: "The girls, all easy! Sprinkle socks, t-shirt and jeans guy across the room. One morning he even left me in a sock - not found a second (hidden in the battery while asleep)! And after sex asked to collect and return to me all the litter. How to cut - the guy was filled and stopped throwing my clothes haphazardly.

And you want and ... pricked

Bristles - it can, and sexy. Here are just a hair, even imperceptible, got out in the evening after a morning shave, can seriously injure the skin. On the cheeks, neck and hips remain redness, as after Emery.

Question removed easily. Saw that a man spoiling for a fight - said that not admitted to himself, until he removes facial hair. For clarity, can rub on the cheek and barbed show redness. Or ask a man to strike the wrist on his chin. Repeat the procedure until such time until a man does not cease to be considered stylish accessory bristles.

Larisa, 30 years old, married 7 years: "Defeat the bristles is easier than to change the baby diaper. Once again, asking her husband's first shave, I, when he came out of the bath, held his fingers on his cheek and sighed wearily: "This smooth and soft skin ... M-m-m ...". Now Ruslan never forgets about the razor - love me exciting! "

too long

During the sad, long coitus women have to think about various things and even to notice irregularities ceiling. In some cases the girl is not shy about voicing what she is spinning in his head, but that, in practice, does not bother anyone.

There are two ways: to tell the man directly to hurry up and take matters into their own hands. In the second case, use the vaginal muscles, push the man to point two fingers below the testicles and choose a position where stimulation is a member of the stronger. You can finish the job and offer mutual masturbation.

Marina, 23, married the year: "I have long endured, and then broke down and made Nikita everything that I think about the grueling marathons. It turns out he too disliked the long, boring sex, he, poor fellow, prevailed against himself, to please me! Nikita for some reason decided (on the Internet somewhere read of) that the longer - the better woman. Now we have to have sex only takes about fifteen minutes - he was energetic and I always reach orgasm. "

Main, lovely lady, do not be afraid to be active in bed. If you see that man does not act the way you like, feel free to adjust their behavior, words and deeds. A man will only thank you for the thrills, well, you can safely assume that an examination of the transformation of his men in the best light on her lover is put to excellent.

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