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Sex guide to the apartment.

What do you think, where the apartment can have sex? Offers a guided tour - tour proceeds along the usual apartment of the three most common rooms, and you'll learn how and where you can indulge passions, especially if the apartment strict mother, a curious toddler or.


joke about the Chukchi (came home, I love my wife, I love my wife, take off my skis) is groundless. The first place for the sprint sex - vestibule between two doors. Cramped, but no one sees in the head and nobody would come that the people there love. The second most popular place - under the cabinet hanger (most importantly, does not fall on all the coats).

For fans of Doggie-style suit dog litter, even more so if unnecessary witnesses sent to hang out with Bobby and claim the territory of no one. And of course, many romantics happened to fall on the carpet in the hallway and merge into the arms of not finding the strength to run to the bedroom.


itself is no future for sex, but has a valuable piece design - pantries. There can be locked away from prying visitors or to retire at the party. Pylnovato, but quietly. Importantly, make sure that the lock can be opened from the inside. But wanting intimate upstairs is better to deny - the strength ceilings may not be enough.


bed, floor, chair, dressing table and bedside table - it's trite, so not even worth mentioning. If the apartment is full of people and all the beds had already someone is lying, you can try to get under the bed - there you exactly no one hurt. Exercise bike - pretty handy for sex, though not perfectly stable construction.

If you live in Stalin's home and hook in the ceiling is designed to mnogokilogrammovuyu chandelier, you can build a suspension of fishing nets. In the original string bag planted naked lady and descends from the ceiling. The rest - business equipment. Many lovers happened to find shelter in large antique bookcases, wardrobes and linen closets - there can not only hide from her husband who came at the wrong time, but also to indulge in pleasures secret from prying eyes. But, as is the case with pantry, remember the lock! And do not have sex in the closet - highly fall and terribly uncomfortable.


not think evil, but because children sometimes go to school. A baby's room is so comfortable for BDSM Shibari or objects, such as rope, rings and wall bars. Bind stronger partner - and enjoy. Unforgettable experience leaves sex on a big inflatable ball or plush horse. Rocking chair, as you know, too, can be used not only for rocking babies. And here on the floor in the nursery is not too comfortable - Circuits mosaic or designer can one `s in the most unexpected parts of the body at the most inopportune moment. And the favorite child sometimes comes back from school earlier than usual.


She's Cabinet - not everyone can, as a professor of Transfiguration, to live in seven rooms. It is impossible not to appreciate all the charm of a lasting desktop or bookcase, which leaned against a lady in lacy peignoir over his naked body. Computer revolving chair suitable for acrobatic sketches. The wide desk chair handy for those positions, when the gentleman eager to "solve" the lady, and keep it on the weight of forces is not enough. Soft carpet on the floor - unfortunately, commonplace, but comfortable. Natural skin is pleasant to the touch, but from the active gestures molts.

thirsty special exotics is recommended to write down the Kamchatka whale vertebrae - from reviews, stable as a stool. Many people like a broad sill, lovers sharp little while plowing the window and indulge in love, risking to fly out. Outdoor balcony especially isolated ones, who tend to exhibitionism - the probability that the sweet couple will enjoy not only the stars and birds, but also utterly astonished neighbors, adds a sense of pepper. Loggia has the same advantages and disadvantages, and pantry. But the piano to make love truly inconvenient - a slippery and noisy instrument.


On the role of the kitchen table in the affairs of love also wrote Emile Zola, and already he was an expert in this matter. Agree, a holy thing - a pleasant woman sit between the newly fashioned dumpling or wait until she bent down, rolling the dough naughty. If you have enough imagination to put the bar in the kitchen - yes, it is convenient to not only make cocktails.

Option with stool possible - interesting but unstable. Rely on the refrigerator of a body part has happened to many, but the inside of the refrigerator, even in Moscow the heat no one dared to climb. But the plate is very popular - at least up until an awkward movement any of its partners is not included. And just in case, a note for the impatient men - do not risk attached to a woman when she was busy over boiling or undercooked food - instead of sex shlopotat easily over the head with a frying pan.


The place where most often happens to indulge in love at parties and sitting in apartments with young children or curious parents. Remember, if you start looking, then you start looking in the first place in the bathroom. But she has a lot of merit. It is hardly necessary to describe the sex scenes in a foam-filled bath or shower - all those over 16 years, seen them in movies.

But the role of the washing machine in the intimate life of guessed a few. However, those who tried, say - well, especially when the machine vibrates, adding sensations partner. And those who are forced to hand wash clothes, take note - very few men are able to calmly walk past a woman vnaklonku rhythmic washes clothes on a washboard.


If there are no place here, too, is possible. Enough to close the toilet seat and how to shut up. But hurry, otherwise after a couple of hours meek may break down the door.

And where else?

Flats we are spared. Remain the inexhaustible possibilities of a country house. How to become a tradition since time immemorial, love nest is often overheated bathhouse.

the charms of hay can be judged only by those who had sex in the hayloft, among the herbs and the warm smell of wood. Ray of light pierced the dusty attic - an unusually romantic place.

roof is more romantic, but when the passions of the roof will go with you, with it you can easily move out. Wooden stairs leading to the second floor is familiar to all Hollywood movies.

Pond under the open sky as beautiful as the warm sea - only to close there were no mosquitoes and unnecessary advisers. Sex in the greenhouse - not suggest, eat live, especially if you are transferring your favorite varietal tomatoes-in-law. But to indulge in passion on the newly dug garden - a great sign, so the Slavs made a ceremony of fertility.

In conclusion, we declare with all responsibility - no matter where you actually make love, it is important that you liked it!

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