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Sexual fantasies in theory and in practice.

There is no sadder diagnosis than "sexual boredom." To combat the disease and to prevent clever people recommend sex experiments. First lesbian experience, anal sex and much more!.

Probably somewhere in the universe - not ours, so in a neighboring galaxy - the perfect home to women who do not feed on the topic of sex unnecessary illusions and hopes. These free from reflections and erotic fantasies person living in the belief that behind the doors of all, without exception, bedrooms are the same, adjusted for duration of the process and the color of condoms. The main thing for them - not maneuver, and the result, that is an orgasm, which they receive on a regular basis and the highest quality. However, it seems to me that the number of these self-sufficient individuals who have both sex and with themselves quite clearly, quite frankly, not great. All the rest - normal, earthly woman - from time to time, no, no yes and think: "Is that all?" Really nothing, except the "missionary" position, we do not deserve it? "

What would you like?

It is no exaggeration to say that each of us sleeps sexual revolutionary, erotic sexual tyrant and disturber of peace. Waking up from time to

time (usually at a time when the personal life becomes a sort of stability - either in the form of regular intercourse, either by total absence of), our radical "I" have to deal with ordinary men whose sexual initiative fit into the concept of average.

One likes fast and loud, the second - slowly and sadly, the third imagines himself the original, so it makes a band "Rammstein" and without removing the socks - here, perhaps all difference. A fetishists, masochists and other "surfers" if they exist, somewhere in another dimension, and shlestnutsya with them in the same bed we hardly fated. However, you can not set a goal to diversify the diet of bed some pervertom, but subconsciously be ready for it. In the end, in order and have been delineated boundaries, so that one day, or rather one fine night, to break them. The more so, if we believe the wisest woman Faina Georgiyevna Ranevskaya, these distortions are only two: hockey and ballet on ice.

If the quantity and quality desires of the problems we do not, then the volunteers, which could be a couple of experiment, an obvious deficiency. The question is, where to get this to find a place, time, spetsinventarem bothered, and met on the threshold of the bedroom welcoming phrase: "Bandage, group-sex, S & M - what would you like?" Options a bit more precisely two. The first - trust in fate, fate, five martinis and his own neck, which sooner or later will get you into bed with the first comer. With him, this "messenger of fate, you can do anything, not really thinking about how not to hurt his psyche its very intricate erotic fantasy.

After all, he and "incidental" to behave irresponsibly. One thing: all that happened to be qualified as "fun and delicious" only if you are plus or minus 18, when the urge to experiment was stronger than common sense and hygiene standards. For experienced and mature in the morning theirs will be remorse, late reservations and other dislocations of consciousness. While neither the 28-year old, nor more than 18-year-old estestvoispytatelnitse no physiological pleasures in this scenario is not

should. Adrenalin - yes, courage - agree, priceless cargo of new experience - is possible. But about orgasms with the first counter, as practice shows, it is better to forget.

attempt or torture

Option number two - to bring to the experiments of her boyfriend, or husband - with whom you are there yet to engage in regular recreational sex? Remember, as a sexologist and other wise men in white coats: "Routine kills feelings. Add their marital responsibilities for new experiences!" It is easy to say but difficult to apply in practice. Especially if the offer to compete with the routine comes from us, girls. It is necessary to drag the young lady in the bed of some, not for the night will commemorate, dildo, as hero-lover quickly loses his sexual ardor. At best, cavalier surprised at worst - decides that he was not wanted at this celebration of life will be upset, and only it and see.

historically gender realities are such that all innovation must come from men. Do not ask me where is the justice, I myself do not see it, but the fact remains: if sex threesome offers a gentleman, he is trying for your own good obschepolovogo if so does the girl have her charged with riot and shame banished from the bedroom. And how many men would not have argued the reverse, women's initiative on the part of sex is punishable by as much hurts their manhood (as in the figurative and the most literal sense - a very impressionable at a strapon or handcuffs can easily divide an erection).

course, you can wait for a lover he does not wish to slightly "tune" your relationship. But, first, the expectation can take weeks, months and years (right - underline). Secondly, not the fact that the proposed scenario is likely to appeal to all those gathered: while you dream about lesbian orgies, he can simply start buying handcuffs and whips. And thirdly, there is a risk not getting very exotic experience, but losing a partner for regular wellness sex. No need to be Pavel Globa, to predict: the morning after the co-lover of the experiments with fresh eyes look at you and you, respectively, at him. And what is the guarantee that the morning will be good, that is, you both will like what he saw?

How can that be - to continue to collect erotic fantasies or take a chance to implement them? The truth is, I'm voting for the first, the least traumatic option. It may sound too puritanical, but in fact and fantasy, to dream. Before, after, during or instead of sex - as you like. Most simply, of course, you can try to implement or at least give the public, but again - softer and softer again. Because traditionally we all want the best, but it turns out - worse than ever. And not because the very desire to try in bed is something new there is something wrong. No, all the crap happening because for most of us, the keyword is not "brand new" and "something". And find out what we need, it is extremely difficult. Not for nothing do they say that from the good deed goes unpunished, and hovering in the sky, the cranes are not always better to get their hands on tits. Ask the ideal woman, and they will tell you that there is nothing better than just sex - a normal, earthly, with the obligatory happy-endom as quality of orgasm.

Veronica, 25 years old

"My first and only lesbian experience happened back in college. Sveta was my best friend and it remains to this day, despite the history we have experienced. The only person caught up in the course This "rose" of the novel, was Sergei. I must confess that lesbian fantasy sometimes I have visited. For example, when Sergei gave me oral sex, I could begin to imagine that instead of it shines upon me girl.

I remember once he asked whether I focus on how the World looks at me. It was night, we are with Sergey just go in sex, and I decided to support his playful tone. "This view can not be confused with anything - went Serge - she wants you." Despite the fact that nothing like this for my girlfriend I had not noticed, jokingly asked, I do not whether he is jealous. "The girl? Yes nothing! And if you ever decide to refresh their mind, I will not - he said .- And it would be interesting to see."

Judging by how often in our conversations was the featured postcoital name Amy, it fired the issue strongly. Now I understand that such talk, he just provoked me. As it turned out, "campaigning" was carried out on both fronts ... It happened all at the cottage, where a company rest of our friends, to whom the three of us decided to join. Sveta and I took a bottle of champagne and left the room to talk quietly. Perhaps alcohol is struck in the head and can take effect Serezhin words, but my friend and started kissing.

not to say we both wanted to have sex unbearable - just a spontaneous outburst witnessed by Serge, who unexpectedly entered the room. After all our "progressive" talk I was expecting from him any kind of reaction, including a proposal to have sex with three (and, incidentally, not the fact that this idea would have been dismissed). But for some reason he just went berserk! Screaming like a madman, was carrying some kind of nonsense that we always drove him by the nose. When the light tried to calm him, saying that it was just a kiss - and not a random non-committal, he literally pushed her out of the room.

I will not describe what was going on and how we look

in the eyes of other friends, but the fact remains: the incident was the final chord in our relations with Sergei. We both have even tried to apologize for being a little carried away. However, every conversation ended with Sergei new flow of charges and eventually led to a quarrel. Apparently, in theory - he, like any man, the plant from fantasies of me and another girl, but in practice it was just not ready for such. So that a certain idea about what needs to be more careful with their wishes, because they may be fulfilled, has received further confirmation.

Elena, 1922

"Maxim was the breed of men, from one look at that catch the fever. Incredibly courageous and brutal. We are with the girls even gave him the nickname - Mr. Testosterone. You could say he was our collective sex symbol. The first time communication with handsome limited appointments in the smoking room and correspondence on "ICQ". However, the conversations quickly acquired a very frivolous tone. All, of course, began with work issues, but always ends with a discussion of sexual preferences of each of us. "The main thing in sex - this is extreme - once wrote to me Maxim. - If a girl is not afraid of anything, so me with her on the way. "

What are the only stories I have not lost in the head! Sex with Maxim - and I was sure that sooner or later it will happen - seems to me to be something quite transcendent! Our first time happened during a corporate party. Extreme, but not quite as I imagined: five minutes in one of the women's toilets, and neither he nor I get to the finish. I was sure that as soon as we find ourselves in a more suitable environment, Maxim will show what he can do. And it showed.

On Saturday night he called and in a tone that brooked no objection, said: "dictate address. I'm going to visit." The voice, I realized that Maxim was drunk. But there was nothing: too active, I dreamed about it, so now go back down. Mr. testosterone threshold pounced on me with kisses, and dragged him into the bedroom. You would have thought that the guy literally burns with passion, but no physiological evidence of this did not occur - then kisses and hugs we have not moved.

When I was almost on the verge of desperation, Max suddenly began to whisper that only with me he could be candid. "And where underwear in which you were then on the corporate party - pink with black lace?" - He asked. Wow, I thought, wow observation. "You want me to put it?" - I asked the most playful tone. But it turned out that he wanted to try it myself.

I was so taken aback that he did not resist. Play a quick change take effect on Max, as a tablet of Viagra, and we brought started to its logical conclusion. But for me it was a great test! Neither of which excited speech did not even passed. Imagine: a muscular male body, brutal bristles, in the form of a tiger tattoo on his shoulder - all packaged in a pink satin and lace. Theater of the absurd, and only! I felt awkward at the same time, curiosity and an incredible sense of disgust. I never considered myself a hypocrite, and welcomed the variety in sex, but even for me it was too. Well at least Maxim a few months resigned from our company, and then it was hard even just to say hello to him. Because I knew what a freak disguised supermacho.

Irina, 26 years old

"for anal sex, I always treated with abhorrence. Unnatural, unhygienic, and just humiliating. Only once decided on a similar experiment: yielded to the entreaties of her boyfriend, as much later regret . We were both 18 years old, so cavalier are unlikely to have a great experience. The pain was hellish, and after 30 seconds of execution, I asked him to stop. The feeling of disgust was compounded by the fact that the guy behaved like a typical selfish: instead of cheer and calm (when it was over, I even cried), he accused me almost in frigidity.

For Ilyusha I'm married to a great love. Most valuable in our relationship was that we originally freely discuss any, the most intimate subjects. I remember about anal sex, I said to him, as it is to say: do not - period. "Yeah, I'm not a fan of the case - told me her husband. - I tried a couple of times, but somehow it is not much impressed me."

By temperament, we fit together perfectly. Two years ago, when we Ilya just started dating, and experimentation were in full swing. We tried a new attitude, affection, even role playing. In the end, settled on what has brought us both pleasure. Over time, our sex life was in a good way to predict. I could not say that I something was missing - the diversity and new experiences. Sex was great. But inside I was seething too much emotion, so as to fit them into 15 minutes of well-rehearsed "marital" intimacy. Now I understand that at that moment I wanted a new level of intimacy. Ilyusha wanted to prove that I am whole - wholly - owned by him.

desire to engage in anal sex arose spontaneously. To be honest, I was surprised when she became "push" Ilyusha in the right direction. My husband was a bit puzzled, so decided to clarify: "Baby, I'll understand correctly?" He not only understood everything correctly, but did everything right - gently, gently. Do not compare to how it was my first time.

No orgasm, of course, I did not experience - all my little hard to believe that at least one girl is able to feel this is something nice. However, as admitted later, Ilya, and his feelings were far from the faery: from fear to hurt me, he oversaw every move. We can say that for us, this experience was important, not physical, but rather from an emotional point of view. As further proof that we love and trust each other. After all, in fact, a woman anal sex - the feeling of total helplessness in front of a partner. With the "foreign" man can hardly feel anything other than embarrassment and fear. Another thing, if it is your loved one who can and should be given without a trace. "

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