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Shooting in the cafe assessed in a particular order.

Yesterday it became known that the district court of Sochi Lazarevsky sentenced to actual prison terms of three residents of Ingushetia - a former policeman and his friends, who last summer staged a fight with the shooting in Sochi CafГ© Courage ..

Former Ingush traffic police inspector Israil Barakhoyev, his friends, and Isma'il Izmailov Soslanbek Albogachiev were found by a court of Sochi Lazarevskom guilty of committing acts of hooliganism involving weapons, and beatings. As a result, Israil Barakhoyev received two years and seven months colony, Ismail Ismailov and Soslanbek Albogachiev - two years four months.

recall that incident in the "Courage" took place in late July of this year. Then, in the cafes amused the company, consisting of residents of Ingushetia (more than ten people), came to rest. As was later established by the investigation, while in the cafe, the company "strongly disturb the public order." In particular, the spa guests danced on the tables of national dances and fired in the air of a firearm. Then one of them did not like how a visitor to a cafe (it turned out later that it was a local resident) looked at his Volkswagen Touareg. Short verbal sparring ensued, after which the owner of a car attacked his opponent with his fists. Compatriots rushed to his aid, and about five people from among the employees and visitors cafe rushed to the rescue of a local resident. In the ensuing scuffle the Caucasians started shooting firearms on the legs of opponents. When the police arrived the scene, the Ingush tried to flee in their cars. Two cars were stopped at the DPS office, one had disappeared. There were eight people detained in Ingushetia, and as it turned out, four of whom are employees of the Ministry of Interior of Ingushetia. In Caucasians were seized two pistols and a traumatic pistol Yarygina.

explained to Kommersant's chief of investigation department Lazarevsky TFR Rashid district of Sochi Encausse, the investigation revealed that the gun is Yarygina service weapon inspectors DPS Barakhoyev of Israel. "Barakhoyev arrived in Sochi, while on vacation, so he could not carry a service weapon, but it has been withdrawn" Lypove "a travel certificate", - said Rashid Encausse, adding that the information on this fact directed the leadership of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Ingushetia inspection.

During the investigation, all three defendants pleaded guilty, the case was heard by the court in a particular order. Victims were found five people. During the debate, the public prosecution requested for each of the defendants' sentences by four years of imprisonment, the sentence was more lenient, but in terms of protecting the court does not take into account a variety of circumstances. "Representatives of the defense asked the court to appoint a non-custodial sentence - told Kommersant lawyer of ex-traffic cop Edward Melkumyan. - It is necessary to take into account that the victim suffered a minor injury, they have no claims against the defendants. About leniency petitioned the Mufti of the Republic of Ingushetia, Isa-Hadji Khamkhoev and other respected people, in addition, my client has a young child, and a month later in the family to be born a second child. Another defendant, Soslanbek Albogachiev has a cancer. " For all these reasons, the defense intends to seek the abolition of the sentence as too harsh. On behalf of all three convicted in Territorial Court had already lodged an appeal.

date of hearing of the appeal in Krasnodar kraysude not yet been set.

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