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With Khan murdered his own.

Investigation Committee of Russia announced yesterday that his team managed to solve the murder of the Stavropol known crime boss Vladimir Slizaeva (Khan) and his family members and their employees, committed on January 21 this year. .

Arrested for the murder of business partner Roman Gubarev Khan and his accomplice, whose name was not called. In this investigation considers that the massacre was committed with the purpose of robbery.

In an official statement posted yesterday on the website Raman says that the investigation into the murder of Vladimir Slizaeva, as well as his family members and domestic workers decided on the basic version of the crime. On the basis of "preliminary data" the investigators concluded that the killing of Khan and his family were committed "for profit" - to steal the "dead money and jewelry, which were kept in his mansion in the Stavropol.

One of the suspects turned out to be a resident of Stavropol Roman Gubarev. He was arrested on 22 January and by the decision of the Leninsky District Court two days later was arrested for two months. According to Raman, the suspect was Gubarev close friend and business partner of murdered Vladimir Slizaeva, with whom he met in 2003. Moreover, according to investigators, the suspect in this period of time is often provided services Khan as the driver. According to Raman, Roman Gubarev already given testimony in which confessed to the murder, in which he used a Makarov pistol, and his testimony "confirmed by the investigation." The name of the second participant murder consequence has not been disclosed.

According to unofficial information, the local law enforcement agencies to enter the murderer helped the testimony of a common friend of Vladimir and Roman Slizaeva Gubareva, who told investigators that saw the latter's mansion near Hana on the day of the murder. At the same time, according to a source of Kommersant, Roman Gubarev was not a partner Vladimir Slizaeva just part of the property belonging to him Khan has issued in the name of its driver.

The family of Roman Gubareva consider him not involved in the murder. Wife suspected Inna Gubareva told Kommersant that it is almost ten days, nothing is known about the whereabouts of her husband. "We do not even know where to contain it - she explained to Kommersant. - To him and not allow our attorney. " According to her, in their house have already held several searches, they took all the jewelry and clothing of her husband. The family of Roman Gubareva suggest that this is done in order to assist him under psychological pressure, that he admitted that he did not commit.

recall the murder of a famous crime boss Vladimir Stavropol Slizaeva (Khan) and his family took place between 10 and 15 hours on 21 January. The criminals were shot at point-blank from a Makarov pistol eight people, including himself Khan, his wife, daughter, adopted son, as well as the driver, dog handlers and a nanny. Remained alive only grandchild of Mr. Slizaeva. A criminal investigation into the massacre was brought on three counts: murder, arms trafficking and robbery. Initially considered several versions, including criminal connections owner of the house, on which in 2003 had already been attacked. As a result, the same investigation concluded that the partner Hana just tried to rob him, knowing that the house is kept a lot of jewelry, as well as a large sum of cash. True, the open safe Bulgarian criminals could not.

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