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In Stavropol airport arrivals hall was closed.

After the terrible tragedy that occurred in the capital's Domodedovo airport, all over Russia unit of the transport police have been translated into a stronger version of service. To learn how to provide security at railway stations and the airport boundary.

- As part of our region, Stavropol LOVDt taken under protection of all potentially dangerous objects, objects of life support transport sector - both in the airport, "Stavropol", and at the railway station, in the long-distance trains and commuter trains - Sergei says Malakhov. - And is not only a support of passenger trains, which works alongside the police, but also directly controls the state of track and track structure - rails, sleepers.

- At the entrance of the airport building and all passengers are screened with metal detectors and rentgentehniki - complements Vladislav Sermakshev. - Also, people are screened to determine their location in the federal wanted list.

Such work is carried out not only at the airport, but at a location nearby - that is, under the control of men in uniform holding area takeoff and landing. Created a special barrier zone off-limits transport. And in the terminal building and innovation - in the arrival hall is not allowed meet, they meet flown to the station square. Of course, there are innovations in the work of the railway station of the regional center.

- Stavropol Station belongs to the third class of dead-end type. Traffic on our site is not very intense, but nevertheless, here taken all safety measures - said Ella Mkrtchyan. - First check the work of CCTV, was organized by lightning Response Center. If any of the camera suddenly goes down, the experts of the center in 30 minutes are required to troubleshoot. Videotapes from surveillance cameras is stored monthly. Regularly checked all the automatic lockers, and to pass things in the luggage carry-on baggage, you must have passport and ticket. From the city parking cars moved about 50 meters from the railway station. Create a single entrance for passengers from the city. This, of course, gives people some discomfort, but more effective control over people entering the territory of the station.

under strict control of the police, station staff and service RZD keep railways. Every half hour checked driveways, which arrive and depart the train. Particular attention is paid to suspicious objects, abandoned bags, carrier bags. And special service every day inspecting the rails, not only in Stavropol, but around the site of trains. Information is transmitted every hour to the duty part LOVDt. If the crawlers find a suspicious object or damage path, the police immediately know about it.

the Stavropol region acts Hotline MVD ", calling to which anyone can report ownerless bag, standing at the station, or an abandoned car. Toll-Free, anonymity is guaranteed.

Tel. 8-800-2000-559

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