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Oral sex: the chips and stuff.

I think the main issue facing women when discussing this topic - not a "do or not do" and "do not ingest or swallow?". However, judging by the male private conversation and smoking on the number of topics forums, in vain we ask only this question.

The second place vehicle and already on the third - the notorious "To be or not to be." To give men oral sex or not - a personal decision each of us. And, as not cool, the only argument in deciding this question can only be a desire and need to do it.

Suppose, for your question "do or not do" is not worth it. You are doing this kind of sex, but occasionally feels the need for a theoretical course - at least to be for him the most, most ...

However, daring to oral sex, you have become better for him - the vast majority of men consider oral sex as a sign of special trust, complete it, man, you have acceptance. For many of them enjoy oral sex - especially the psychological, emotional. Do not believe me? And you imagine yourself a man. And it (ie your) favorite, desired, gentle, weak girl does that!

But if the laurels of geisha do not give you sleep, let's see what the world has offered us the public in matters of sexual technique oral sex.

how to do it well?

1. We are all different, and even men in these matters - too. And the best method in this case - the "trial and error - to make the action and watch the reaction partner. Leaning forward or backward? Moans or his teeth?

2. In all the textbooks indicated that the most "responsive" place is the crown of dignity, a penis is not sensitive enough. So the idea to bring heavenly delight, capturing a member of the mouth and stimulating its powerful reciprocating - mislead women.

In reality, once again, all men are different. And if your partner will finish it on the "back and forth" over the entire length, licking his head is useless. However, stimulation of the head - a great start and the process in particular, and oral relationship with this man as a whole. Try cautious, gentle touches the lips and tongue explore the surface of the head and "Jade rod" your partner and his reaction to determine the most sensitive point.

3. Even the most efficient movement of boring. Try different things, play with the "subject" - compress his lips, lick, spend a tongue along the entire length, bridles, around the head, pinch the lips. Yes, repetitive motion can soon bring him to orgasm. Normal. But if you alternate between, for example, "reciprocates and licks the head, the pleasure will then attack, then retreat, and it's finally orgasm will be much stronger than usual. Still possible to alternate a few light, "weightless" movement and a strong one, with a tightly clamped lips. Or interrupt the stimulation of stem teasing tongue touches the most "elite".

4. In oral sex a sufficient level of lubrication is very important for men. All benefits are advised to first take a natural lubricant - saliva, lips and tongue should not be dry. And, of course, my teeth! Council "to remove the teeth of the lips" seem real only to people with false teeth, but, nevertheless, the teeth will have to follow. It's not so difficult, if not a man to caress the mouth, namely the lips.


В«Deep Throat." Personally, I have women who practice this technique, command respect and underlying belief that all of them - the hereditary sword-swallower. In reality, of course, hardly anyone of the men refuse to "GG" when he offered, but they do not suffer from the absence of such proposals, if they spoil the "usual" oral sex. But we and the usual penetration depth sometimes gives some problems.

of passion, he tries to penetrate too deeply and suddenly. To avoid this is very simple: you always keep your finger on the pulse - the base of the penis. And then at the right time you can easily lay siege to his macho. By the way, your hands and help in solving other problems:

fatigue. Even if you capture the dignity of a partner to the desired depth, continue to do so for a long time, not so easy. Facial muscles get tired. In such cases, you can diversify the movements of the tongue and mouth, and can include manual'nuyu stimulation. You can just pat his hands, and can use a more sophisticated version - stimulate his penis hands and tilt your head so that the head of his penis touched your lips (as - as if included therein). Your head remains stationary, the muscles relax, but it is more fun than normal stimulation hands.


What to do at the end? Men overwhelmingly chosen the slogan "better to swallow, so you do not reject me." But what if you do it can suppress the minority, and a little more of us can hold the sperm in her mouth but then spit it delicately? If you can not change their attitude to this fact - try to change his attitude towards him. After all, for men is important is not the physical act of swallowing, and emotional - so you can explain and show him how much he roads, in other ways?

However, the rush to the bathroom after the end of the process with a look of horror in his eyes and thought: "I think I ate a frog" - not the best option, even if before this you said a thousand times "I love you." You've probably already read tips on how to do it as painlessly as possible for both - to keep on hand a handkerchief, to flavor the cream portion of sex, feed it with pineapple (for better taste). In order for your reluctance to swallow did not pass the red line, try to beat him. You can bring the process to the final with his lips, but in the end to change the mouth with his hands.

But there are even more interesting option. To the finish you without fear and fright are giving her man any oral sex. When you feel that a man is about to "explode" (it should really be the climax), close your mouth, your lips a little (always very wet), take his penis in her hand and proceed quickly enough to head, pressing on his lip - forward - back around as you wish. Can you still drive a hand on the trunk up and down. This touch of your lips moist head will not only divert attention from where it gets sperm (and it gets you on the lips, but not in the mouth), but also enhance orgasm. I repeat - most important to apply it in the end.

chips and stuff

When it comes to mind to pamper your partner, or hit him, you can try:

technique of "silk swirl. You go on tracing the language of a member of the clockwise or counterclockwise, while sliding tongue up and down.

mints or warm tea. It is believed that the menthol in the head of the penis will cause mild tingling, burning, and a small burst of blood. An erection is enhanced, but the menthol, which has the effect of a light anesthetic, reduces sensitivity. A warm tea causes a sensation similar to being inside a woman.

formidable technique, bestowed the Internet a prima sex. Quote: "I work at a pace" suck - cotton - slips - squeeze, "concentrating on the head of the penis. The barrel member is involved in a very small extent, only as a place where I hook member of one hand to another.

So, putting one hand at the base of the penis, your lips tightly around the head, and ringlet suck, like suck a thick milkshake through a narrow straw, tightly wrapping her lips on the bottom of the head to increase exposure. Then, continuing to suck, bunt head up, a member pops out of his mouth with a characteristic light cotton. At the same moment, when a member goes out of his mouth, proskolzni hand over all members, from base to head.

Moreover, once the hand starts to move, in its place immediately lays down the second hand. Slides, tightly clutching a member until such time as he does not jump out of his hands, and then came right back in your mouth. Hand movement should be "Rounded, compress should be firmly, but gently.

So, when you lead a hand to a member from the bottom up and the fingers reach the head, quickly and firmly squeeze his fist a little harder, give him a second or two to feel the wet surface palms turned around his penis, and then slip out of your interlocking fingers. Moreover, if you are still flick of the thumb to slip over the hole in the head of the penis, in response you'll hear a happy "ah" at each step. Everything must always be very wet. "

not forget about the poses. When you caress your mouth man, he has a rare opportunity to see you all. It is necessary to take advantage of this and try all your poses. Men, judges complete image, obsessed with a full review - for that he should lie or sit, and you - kneeling. To express the special affection and trust suits pose "69." If you do not like to be "above" or "under", try to execute this pose, lying on its side.

about how to be this kind of sexual relationships, written many books and even from many video tutorials. Sometimes the tips are complex, that even imagine they can be difficult. And yet the best weasel - it's affection, conferred with all my heart, with pure intentions and a desire to dissolve into what is happening. A technique has access to them is not very great attitude.

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