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Ten major anticipated events of 2011 in the SFD.

South of Russia, as well as nearby - North Caucasus region, has received from the astrologers, the most desired forecast for the coming year 2011. He was said to forecasters, is to bring peace, but a symbol of the year - a metal rabbit - is credited with diplomacy.

Events expected in the area, do not portend cultural and organizational revolution - in the region will finish and complete construction that began even before the crisis of 2008.

loudest theme of the year in the coming again brings Krasnodar region, where at the end of 2009 "nashumel" ex-policeman Dymovsky, but this year has shaken the history of a small agricultural village, in which the rules of criminal.

BLOODY Stanitsa

History Kushchevskaya village, where in November this year in the house of a local farmer had committed the brutal murder of 12 people, most likely, it will still be worrying the public. After the investigation began to surface details of what was happening in the village, at least six senior officials, including the head of the regional police, was dismissed. The corollary is confident that more than ten years, residents of the village lived under the oppression of the gang, which found "support" in law enforcement.

expected as early as mid 2011, some criminal cases will be transferred to the court. Now in the case of 11 defendants arrested, including two - in the Ukraine. Among those detained: the alleged organizer of the assassination - a former local MP and businessman Sergey Tsapok, as well as his cousin - the current district deputy Sergei Tsepovyaz. Ten of them have already been charged.

Experts also predict that a number of officers may lose their jobs, but perhaps not all of them will be laid off in public, they can give "go on quietly."


Six ports and two airports in the Southern District are expected to be privatized in the coming year. Controlling stakes of these strategic assets to be sold within the large-scale privatization of the country. In accordance with the approved plan by the Russian government forecasts in 2011-2013 from the sale of state-owned national budget will receive about $ 1 trillion rubles. What part of this amount is at the southern sites, not reported, but the first meeting of district-level representatives of the Federal Property Management Agency conducted precisely in Rostov.

Deputy Minister Eduard Adashkin encouraged regions to seriously prepare the market to ensure that the present planned to sell packages. According to him, already in December 2010, work began on the sale of Volgograd, Novorossiysk, Yeysk, Rostov, Azov and Tuapse ports and airports of Anapa and Volgograd.

fight for the ball

Three cities south of Russia will qualify for two seats for the match FIFA World Cup 2018 - Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Sochi. Experts do not doubt that the FIFA World Cup matches will be held in Sochi, on the stadium being built for the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. The authorities of the Rostov region after defeating Russia's bid to host the world championship held several press conferences, at which have indicated that the two remaining cities exactly the Don land should be chosen as the site for World Cup games. In his victory assured and Kuban leaders.

Among cities of the south World Cup 2018 is also ready to Volgograd, which was included in the Russian proposal. Perhaps in the coming year will be a decision about the stadium, which will take place game: either it will be a reconstruction of the existing arena or build a new sports complex.


Astrakhan Region is waiting for the completion of the last section of the transit line continuous motion in the transport corridor "East - West" whose construction started in 2006. He is considered one of the most important projects for the development of road infrastructure in the region. Line shall ensure that vehicular traffic between the federal highway "Caspian", M-6 and E-40, which is now forced to move through the regional center.

The complex consists of two bridges, overpasses and track the total length of 6.74 kilometers. Estimated cost of construction amounted to 8.6 billion rubles, of which allocated and spent 6.7 billion.

To finish the work still needed 1.2 billion rubles - for the construction of the bridge across the two arms of the Volga - Straight Curve and Bold.

Due to lack of funding the object is transferred repeatedly: as a termination date called the Fall of 2008 (to 450 anniversary of Astrakhan), April 2009, Spring 2010. The last time "tranzitku" promised to run last October.

Finally, at a press briefing held in December after the program "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin", Astrakhan Governor Alexander Zhilkin told reporters that the issue of financing construction resolved with Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin. According to the governor, the bridge through the two Bald will be delivered in April and the spring "tranzitka" still take effect.


South gambling zone "Azov-city" in whose territory earlier this year appeared the first Russian legal casino, as early as mid-year was again in the spotlight. Kuban authorities proposed to move the gambling zone from the shore of the Azov Sea, where it was located in the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov region on the Black Sea coast of Russia for "economic efficiency".

rapidly approved by the government decision to deprive Don gambling area and determined the beginning of a new building. According to experts, the transfer has completed projects in the coming year would be unlikely, but the infrastructure work of the new zone should begin.

In addition, in 2011, is expected to start several lawsuits to repay compensation Rostov investors who invest in the Azov-City ".

CASPIAN "La Scala"

One of the most anticipated events of the next year in the Astrakhan region is opening in March 2011 "Caspian La Scala - a new building Astrakhan musical theater - for the reviews of experts, one of the largest cultural objects that were built in recent years in Russia, and the largest music theater in the eastern part of Europe.

building was laid in 2006, its project cost amounted to 2,7 billion rubles have been allocated from the federal budget. Opening of the theater was expected back in 2008, but due to violation of terms and non-contract terms have changed contractors, and design changes and the economic crisis raised the cost of up to 3,4 billion rubles, in connection with which the region had to ask for additional appropriations.

Formal opening - presentation of the main hall - was held in November of this year. By this time the capital works were completed, fully finished lobby, prepared to address the stage and auditorium. It remains to complete the laying of communications, to mount a fire protection structures and to interior decoration. In the external staircase and along the perimeter of the theater still under the concrete work.


Volgograd Museum "Stalingrad Battle", which includes a historical and memorial complex on Mamaev Hill with a 85-meter monument to "The Motherland Calls!" Museum-panorama " Battle of Stalingrad ", Memorial and Historical Museum and the largest statue of Lenin in Russia in the Volga-Don Ship Canal in 2011 will be included in the State Register of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

decision to assign Volgograd Museum-Reserve of the high status of architectural monument of Russia on a par with the Kremlin and the Hermitage, was taken in the past year at a meeting in Moscow of the Interagency Council on especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation . It is expected that such a high status Museum in Volgograd, will make it a center of cultural and tourist development in the region. In addition, will be substantially increased federal funding for the maintenance of all facilities of the complex of the Volgograd Museum.


first test event - the Cup of Russia and the European Cup in alpine skiing - will be held in February 2011 at a ski resort "Roza farm, which is based in Sochi, in the massive Olympic construction to the Winter Games in 2014.

Top sports infrastructure is ready to complete - is put into operation seven power facilities, open the labor movement on the road M-21 connecting hub "Alpika Service to the finish area," Rose -Farm ", there are four ski lifts. Ready all the Olympic ski slopes, which have already obtained certificates of conformity to international standard.

Complex Rose Farm is situated on one of the most popular Russian ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana, 50 kilometers east of Sochi. Ski resort occupies over 540 acres. In total, the complex is planned to build more than 10 hotels, 18 lifts, 80 kilometers of tracks.

takes tourists resort will begin in December 2011 when the highway will be built for the fans and hotels.


All Sochi residents whose homes and lands were in the area of construction of Olympic facilities during 2011 will move to a new residence.

Under the relocation, in connection with the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, got about a thousand families. People were asked two options of compensation for the property being withdrawn: cash payments or equivalent housing.

for the construction of the resettlement fund was allocated to seven sites with the total area of 100 hectares. Housing for "Olympic settlers" built in Sochi on the streets of Jan Fabricius, Taurian, yields, in the neighborhood fun - Psou, near the creek Small, in village-Hellenic Regional and Nekrasovskoe. This task is jointly decide corporation Olimpstroy, Road Service and Administration of the Krasnodar Territory, which is scheduled to be put into operation about 550 single-family homes with land allocation. In the neighborhoods for the settlers also created the necessary social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, health clinics.

tighten belts

Southern Federal District "scored" in 2010, an unprecedented epidemic of African swine fever (ASF). The virus has spread almost all regions of the county, significantly reducing the pigs and hitting the regional budgets. Only in the Rostov region of pigs decreased by 1.5 times - up to 530 thousand.

This optimistic predictions for the future professionals do not hurry. Guide Rosselkhoznadzor, considering the situation across the country, said he tries "to keep the ASF in the Southern Federal District and was not allowed in the central regions of Russia." To this end, proposes to close Russia from the SFD "protective belt", which concentrate the main forces of the Veterinary Service and the Interior Ministry, to clean storage areas in the meat supply chain. Particular attention in the future, the region will be given as depopulation of wild boar and monitor the movement of cargo.

considerable work ahead, and by performing all the steps to get rid of the virus, according to experts, the regions can not earlier than eight years.

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