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100 richest Rostovites. Version 2010.

While some media outlets of the city looking for the most influential, while others - the most successful, the third - the most remarkable people capital of the Don, we've compiled a list of 100 richest Rostovites and is now pleased to offer it to all my readers ..

Making Project

the stubborn unwillingness of local millionaires to openly declare their wealth Bender complained before his meeting with Alexander Ivanovich Koreiko in the late 20-ies. It and then you can understand. But banish the country of the Soviets, and the behavior of Russian rich are not changed. Although they live, of course, was fun: no hesitate to build mansions in the city in half a hectare and park their "Range Rover" right at the windows of the Regional Economic Crime. That's the idea of private helicopter fleet hovers in the Rostov air. But just ask someone (with a clock in his hand, at the cost of Gostinka on ThГ©mereau), as he a rich man, will jump into any "Maserati" and yes even offended.

talk about themselves and share ways of earning an honest millions of dollars they do not. A spy on the esteemed wealthy Rostov, and even the deputies of the city, regional and even national doom, indecent. And it's not the size of the purse, we are interested.

importantly - whom Rostov feel truly rich.

With the top ten - no problems, it will call anyone who has ever wondered sometimes city life, not trusting the local press. But to find 100 people had to call for help of experts. Among them there is no tax, no audit, no fighters against economic crimes. However, to announce the composition of the jury, we can not: Unfortunately, as soon as it comes to big money - other people or its own - nothing is more highly valued as privacy. The only people who are not shy about his curiosity, it's journalists. For peeping, eavesdropping, domestic spying and count money in other people's pockets they do not just pay salaries, but sometimes even rewarded. For this reason, the well-known journalists Sergei Rostov Kissin and Sergei Reznik agreed to speak a kind of referee of this project, offering or vybrakovyvaya individual figures and do not stint on the very thorough comments.

special thanks sponsors of the draft express Rostov-known political analyst Sergei Smirnov, who agreed to discuss the nominations for "decent", not insisting on anonymity.

All their

Anticipating the caustic remarks of commentators on the geography, the answer immediately: even if rostovchanin can afford to buy a luxury flat in Moscow, he does not cease to be rostovchaninom. And if you buy an apartment before he was taganrozhtsem - be sure! - It is sure to become rostovchaninom. Necessary. Therefore, in our list of 100 richest Rostovites a person who had long lived in other regions and only occasionally come to visit their native Don assets. There are those who earn money on the regional enterprises. But that they do not cease to be our people.

Who's in charge?

remarkable, but the answer to this question absolutely everything, our experts were unanimous. However, they called the person on our list do not. "For me the main and only Don tycoon has always been the former governor of Vladimr Chub" - categorically declares journalist and political analyst Sergei Reznik, known for his revelatory material on corruption in government, which had to communicate with many wealthy Rostov, in a professional. In the lists proposed by the experts found many names of former or currently operating the "servants of the state." Why are they there in the final version?

Some are. For example, former vice-governor of Ivan Stanislavov now completely open heads of large construction holding company, which before the coming into power has worked for many years and successfully privatized. And that also successfully employed today by his sons, also additions to lists of wealthy Rostov.

But not in the draft or existing mayors or former governors, nor the heads of the fiscal authorities, not judges, nor the leaders of all sorts of "bread departments" with integral holding "prikormlennyh" firms, designed to relatives or rectors of individual universities, nor acting generals. Why? Their obvious luxury of thousands of ordinary Rostovites. Expensive SUVs of their children unceremoniously unfold through two solid in front of the traffic police. They are, once again privatizing itself brand-new state apartments, telling mothers of large families that turn to preferential housing moves very slowly. But - alas! - To appear in our list, they can only after the authorities call the sources of these fabulous wealth, and not before the entry into force of the court of last resort.

В«Of course! - Troubled reader. - And where copies of invoices and the testimony of the porter? Where are the stories of dishonest earned millions of others? "

We are happy to disappoint perturbed. Our project has no relation to the journalistic investigation, since the data it collected only from open sources. Furthermore: compromising on some project participants abound, but this is not the reason to organize an exhibition on the pages of "dirty laundry" of the current establishment of Rostov.

the main and only criterion for our ranking - these people (or companies) should be what is called for hearing, if not all residents of the Don capital, at least from our esteemed experts. They believe to be trusted: with many participants, the list they are familiar with some - personally familiar. So, who do not like them to know who they are - Rostov millionaires and differ from ordinary citizens.

political technologist Sergei Smirnov, with the understanding reacted to the difficult task facing the authors of the project "100 richest Rostovites. The Wealth of man, as his health - one of the most secretive order - said the expert. - They are external, public features often do not correspond to reality: Members of the fitness center with pumped muscles may be terminally ill, and the owner of the penthouse and "Bentley" - stand on the brink of bankruptcy. "

As an experienced politkonsalter for 20 years, Sergey O. met many millionaires in Russia and abroad, and willingly shares the most touching memories. "Many years ago, at the very beginning of the next presidential campaign in Ukraine, I have prepared cost estimates for the deployment and operation of the regional campaign headquarters and carried her to the approval of one of the leaders of the central headquarters (at that moment - one of the richest people in the country) - recalls political strategist. - It is at this moment just what a lunch, or dinner in his office. And, instead of the expected me lobster, truffles or oysters, he ate buckwheat porridge with a few slices of salami, and Ph.D. salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (I later learned that this is his favorite food since childhood). Quickly looking at the estimates (ekselevskuyu table for two dozen pages), he said a few places where, in his opinion, there have been mistakes, and he sent me all the remodel. In the reception I ran into a colleague and complained, they say, the chief - a billionaire, but raises the noise due to some unfortunate $ 50. "It's why the billionaire that he considered it necessary to make a fuss over every 50 dollars", - said a colleague. Arriving at his office, I again rechecked estimate and actually - at the marked locations were wrong. In the future, I have not once witnessed how our leader quickly and accurately find errors in multiple financial instruments. Once I directly asked him how he does. "There's just ugly numbers, which cut the eye" - he replied. "

far less politically correct in assessing the personalities of today's rich correspondent of the magazine "Expert-South Sergei Kissin. Its not just a journalistic, but personal experience with the wealthy put in a unique classification of the current "masters of life."

В«Rich Rostov well, very much varied as to education," ascent to Mammon, and in the current mentality - shares his observations of the journalist. - People who came to the "first million" from the Komsomol, the party, economic bodies, the old nomenclature, have brought to business and shovels look "and" shovels tradition: cheek, swagger, empty sueslovie, the scheme "I am the head - you fool ", an indispensable humiliation of subordinates, nothing unreasonable haughtiness."

classification expert confirms the magazine "Finance", which describe how to nailing the hero of his top-500, uses such a thing as a "red director".

В«Another category - came from" bandyukov or okolokriminalnyh circles, - the expert continues. - They show the hardness, ruthlessness, "walking over corpses" in the business, intransigence and lack of flexibility in the conduct of affairs. They were "seed money" provided by former tsehovikami, thieving "obschaka, groups scumbags who do not know how to navigate in commerce and provided funds most intelligent members of their own formation. They have a highly developed "persecution mania", a feeling of non-existent "threat" to business, suspicion and a desire to "throw" before they "threw" him. The third category - people who came into the business from scratch, which have achieved "a million" in a daring 90-s wit and ingenuity, have got into the business of Surgery, learned it cunning, resourcefulness, tenacity, determination. They were lucky, "sit down" to the desired commercial vein, which at the time of redistribution of property began to bear trotting profits - fuels and lubricants, agricultural, forest, military equipment, government orders, the war in Chechnya and so on. To become a nouveau riche, these people have learned to be patient and wait for the right moment to achieve his goal. "Beautiful life" around their nice irritated and beckoned, so their "first million" they spent on prestige cars and luxurious mansions, yachts and fur coats, trying to go fast "from rags to riches". On this way, they either umneli and learned caution in the volatile world, the choice of business partners, and the ability to establish contacts with the authorities, or lost sense of reality, feeling "new gods" and the masters of life, going bankrupt as quickly as the rich. "

But journalist and political analyst Sergei Reznik noticed another feature of our rich. "They are afraid of everything, surrounded by the protection, alarms, and some sleep with guns under their beds, and most of all they fear the poor of his people" - sums up the well-known blogger and a fighter against corruption. He agreed with his counterpart on the classification, but noted that many wealthy people evolve quite positively. "The attitude of the rich to" poor "gradually evolves - from disdain for the" rogue "to respect for their employees - says the expert. - Those that came out of informal economic structures that refer to people in places even very respectful. "We have to honor the working man - he makes money for us" - said to me by a friend. In general, the rich will start to change when people start to own self-respect. As long as people refer to themselves as to the insects, others will treat them the same way. "

Asked whether in his biography of occasions when he was glad that did not have fabulous condition, Sergey Reznik honest answers that have been there several times. He does not mention the names of millionaires with whom ever to communicate in person, because "even simple communication with me in certain circles, could cast a shadow over the people."

the attention of the experts did not escape the fact that the list of 100 richest Rostovites - many members of the ruling party of the country. "Belonging to the party in power does not interfere in the work that will not burden, but at some point gives you access to some of the necessary power cabinets. This is one of the elements of lobbying ", - said Sergei Reznik. Sergei Kissin in solidarity with him: "The crisis of 1998 and 2008 showed that the most stable of regional businessmen namely those remaining in the shadows of the great", managed to maintain proximity to the power levers behind which they hid in time of political and economic turmoil " .

But at the same time, experts remind: it is thanks to the mind, entrepreneurial and managerial talent, ingenuity and perseverance of these people, many businesses in the area is now operating successfully, providing jobs other inhabitants Don, forming and developing its economic potential. What would Mines without the company of Lazarus Shaulova, Donetsk - without the "Donetsk factory" Constantine's cousin, and how to survive would be small mining village with no shops, Vladimir Melnikov? Many of our list of millionaires has long been working not for money but for the opportunity to act out their other projects. They help to restore the churches and Orthodox culture to develop, support numerous children's sports federations and sports, watch over young talent and teach, are engaged in environmental issues and their money equipping the whole department of municipal hospitals. More often - absolutely without advertising it is not "playing to the audience," because all too well know the price of "ordinary Rostov Pontus. The author of this material personally spoke with the manager of a well-known charities, which told how puzzled over the problem of registration receipt voucher for a few hundred thousand. Warrant a donor one evening brought in the trunk of his car.

turned a charity almost in his second job, Rostov sponsors several "relaxed" the authorities - in the financing of various sectors in the region rely on the wealthy has become a tradition.

Why did many of the wealthy people do not like talking about myself? Shy? "Wealth - no vice!" - We say to all who have gathered to make a complaint to the compilers of the list of 100 richest Rostovites. I. .. rejoice! Because more cunning Europeans noticed: the common man is always better to live in the country where the shame to be rich and not be ashamed of their poverty. Yes, in any Rostov tube, there is not a premium brand car, yes, already, and products for the rich, we are selling in some shops and not far off the appearance of "Don Riviera. But they're still something shy. Hence, all the rest who are not on the list, can breathe a sigh of relief: we live in a proper country.

# Vadim Varshavsky

# Vikulov Vadim

# Sergey Kislov

# Konstantin Kuzin

# Melnikov Vladimir

# Mikhail Paramonov

# Kirill Podolsky

# Savvidi Ivan

# Tugolukov Eugene

# Shaulov Lazarus

# Abacharaeva Nelly

# Averin, Konstantin

# Andryushchenko Alex

# Konstantin Babkin

# Batazhev Adam

# Bidash Sergey

# Waldman Leonid

# Vaneyev Vadim

# Nikolai Vasilenko

# Ventimilla Victor Alonso

# Igor Voronov

# Vysokov Basil

# Glonti Fred

# Igor Gorin

# Gribenyuk Andrew

# Demishin Andrew

# Dzigua Levan

# Catherine Oak

# Stanislav Zhukov

# Zaynalabidov Sala

# Zenin Valery

# Sultan Ibragimov

# Andrey Ivanov

# Karakushyan Eugene

# Cassoni Sergey

# Kasyanenko Vladimir

# Kiblitsky William BruГЇ Andrew

# Alla Kiseleva

# Kobzev Victor

# Yury Kolesnikov

# Igor Konovalov

# Kochkanyan Arminak

# Krasheninnikov Herman

# Mikhail Kritsky

# Kuchinsky Artem

# Lazourenko Igor

# Levin, Valery

# Lyashov Andrew

# Mazanov Valery

# Mazin Vitaly

# Roman V. Mazin

# Victor Maltsev

# Margolin, Vitaly

# Matusevich Leonid

# Konstantin Mauer

# Sergey Menshikov

# Mehdiyev Jacob

# Motrenko Peter

# Mukovoz Jury

# Musiyenko Gennady

# Gennady Naumov

# Perelman, Alexander

# Pluzhnikov, Mikhail

# Podust Sergey

# Polevichenko Valentine

# Dan Polonsky

# Pyatigorets Igor

# Ryzenko Sergey

# Sardak Nicholas

# Slyusar Boris

# Vitaliy Solovyev

# Andrei Sotnikov

# Stanislavov Anton

# Stanislavov Denis

# Stanislavov Ivan

# Nelly Subbotina

# Surgan Oleg

# Surmalyan Harutyun

# Suhovenko Sergey

# Tatyanchenko Dmitry

# Uzdenov Ali

# Uzdenova Irina

# Alexei Fedorov

# Ferenchuk Gennady

# Hblikyan Ashot

# Hale, Basil

# Tskhovrebov Andrew

# Chabanov Valery

# Chuev Mark

# Shamarin Vladimir

# Shamshura Sergey

# Shatvoryan Leonid

# Shafirov Leonid

# Shvalev Constantine

# Shvalev Fedor

# Shchemelev Sergey

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