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The North Caucasus is concerned about the mortgage.

At the meeting of the Council of Association of the Northern Caucasus "in Nalchik discussed issues of regional policy and implement the message of the President of the Federal Assembly for this year.

As the press service of the Stavropol governor, the head of our region particularly concerned about paragraph "align fiscal sustainability" of the document "Strategy of socio-economic development of regions of Russia."

example, after the monetization of benefits Stavropolsky transportation budget this year spent on them at 4.7 times more than in the past.

And the performance of social legislation, more than tripled. It resolved the question of debt payable due to the division of powers - the beginning of the year is 620 million rubles, of which on a regional commitments - 433 million rubles. This debt is not reflected in the costs of the region. In short, this discredits the idea of reform lines of authority.

But especially a lot of attention paid to the development of the Association for mortgage lending in regions YUFO.

President set a goal - by 2010 at least a third of the citizens of Russia should be allowed to buy apartments on credit. In the Stavropol regional operator of the state mortgage program is SUE "My House", and today the agency has reached 10 million rubles monthly refinancing loans. In addition, the adoption of regional target program "The development of mortgage lending and construction of affordable housing in the Stavropol territory in 2005 - 2007 years." To increase traffic in the program provides each year to provide mortgage credit agency budget of 26 million rubles, and 44 million rubles "my house" can take in the banks under government guarantees. A provision of social grants participants subprogramme. But banks will not be able to fully satisfy the demand for mortgage loans, and to look for sources of "long money." The draft decision of the Association have any suggestions for moving the mortgage to develop different systems of accumulation of the initial fee to use mutual funds (PIFy), create a mortgage konduity (lists of records or magazines). Then the categories of citizens, supported by the budget, part of the direct subsidies, you can replace securities konduita whose gosgarantiyam will produce regional operators of the federal mortgage programs.

Meanwhile, reports RBC daily, despite the passage of a package of laws to create a market for affordable housing and creating a national council for affordable housing, which is headed by Vladimir Putin, skeptics doubt the creation of affordable mortgage market. To mortgages became available, it is necessary money for housing grant at least a 10 per cent per annum in rubles. Banks to issue cheap loans will not be, the question of lowering the refinancing rate is not entering the Russian market of foreign banks with low interest rates have not been forthcoming.

A law on participation in the share construction in some regions worked with precision "and vice versa - at times vzvintil real estate prices.

Some experts believe that while inflation in the country will not stop at 4.5 percent, to impose a massive housing loans can not be, because the borrower fails to pay on loans to the same in the construction industry is not a leader who to cope with work to create a market for affordable housing.

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