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Paints for the sky.

In the sky above the Castle Hill yesterday, there was no free space: it ran kites.

action В«Pictures to heavenВ», organized by the charitable public fund Dmitri Kuzmin, met the guys on the cheer. Bright sun, blue sky, festive music and the ability to run with a serpent in its pleasure - that remains to be children?

Kites were manufactured hands guys holding by the pilot in the circle

enthusiasts under the guidance of a teacher with 40 years experience - Angela Solov'eva. It is up to him, I learned that the tails of the snake - not a mere decoration, as a means to stabilize the flight. Ready, but as yet faceless В«vozduhoplavateleyВ» brought to the hill, and that is where it started the main event: the guys, broke into the team, became white paint has the. There are only pictures here were not: the sun and the flowers, the planet Earth and children smiling mordashki and dragons, the names of friends and the name of the team ...

Since the entire event was held under the slogan В«Be good!В», the drawings were good, with the wishes of peace worldwide, a clear sky, happiness and health.

After the snakes were ready, the representatives from each team was told that they wanted to express his picture. For example, snakes showing the clear sky and playing children symbolize everything good and warm the world, people called him a talisman of the day. A dragon image to another canvas - not malicious monster, but on the contrary, the defender of peace, which will fly over your head and protect our peace from above.

right first start providing head of the city Stavropol Dmitry Kuzminu. He was handed a snake painted the youngest participants - the team В«FlowersВ». Apparently, it was a surprise to the mayor, but he coped brilliantly: after a short briefing Dmitry confidently took the hands of a thread, and snakes vzmyl in the air. Parcialmente scamper like head of the city: according to him, he just came back to my childhood, because the last time start a snake in eleven years. True, then had to buy these toys in the store, so is doubly pleased to hold the thread of the snake made the hands of children.

And then all vzmyli kites in the air, shouting children were worn over the area, trying not to confuse the thread. Vivid images cool decorated the sky above Stavropol in this festive day. And, of course, as always in the shares the fund Dmitri Kuzmin, nobody left without gifts. Each participant received a set: a diary, markers, pencils, calendars, bookmarks. And the main children's fun - ice cream.

Natalia Ardalina

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