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In effect entered a new edition SDA.

On November 20, amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations and the Code of Administrative Offences, seriously toughen requirements for drivers. .

As reported by the traffic police in Russia, amendments, in particular, assume greater responsibility for the departure to the tram road opposite direction - now the violator will be punished up to the deprivation of a driver's license for up to 6 months. During the exit into oncoming traffic, recorded video surveillance, provides a fine of 5 thousand rubles. For noncompliance with prescribed traffic signs or road markings, set the punishment as a warning or a fine of up to 300 rubles.

told reporters Deputy Head of Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, major general of militia Vladimir Kuzin, changes in traffic on roundabouts. "Now the priority is entering the circle, and after the amendments come into force" main "will be the drivers, who are already on the roundabout - go for it or go - but this only applies to roundabouts, at the entrance to which will be installed road signs "circular motion" in conjunction with the "give way" or "Movement is prohibited without stopping." In fact, at the crossroads of the right to change the other way around. For a similar scheme, circular motion is organized in almost all European countries. "

In addition, from November 20 to all Russian drivers, without exception, must wear seat in the daytime to go with the passing headlights or daytime running lights. The amendments introduce into circulation a new term "daytime running lights, its inclusion caused by the requirement of the Convention on Road Traffic, 1968. "Daytime running lights" has already completed a number of foreign cars, which are included automatically when you start moving the machine.

also adopted amendments to the SDA eliminate all the double interpretation of how the driver must give way to pedestrians. "In paragraph 14.1 clearly stated that the driver of a vehicle approaching an unregulated pedestrian crossing must slow down or stop to let pedestrians crossing the roadway, or stepped on it to go - the general said. - In addition, new wording SDA also refined the wording of the question peshehodov and machines with spetssignalami. pedestrians approaching cars with flashing beacon turned blue or red and a special sound signal shall refrain from going over the roadway, and pedestrians that are on it, should immediately release the roadway. "

the traffic police would punish violators of the new rules of the road that will take effect from November 20, "based on the specific situation," promised Kuzin. "For example, if the driver is not passing lights, then he could face punishment as a warning or a fine - he said. - But you will agree it is one thing, if it did not include the lights in bright sunshine, and quite another - the same violation in conditions of fog and twilight. " "If in the first case, the inspector may be limited to observation, since a violation can be considered insignificant, whereas in the latter case - it is seen as a serious violation" - the general added.

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