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Sargsian defeated «Alania». And who grobit «Dinamo»?.

«ALANIA» Oktyabrskoye - «DINAMO» Stavropol - 0:3 (0:2).

balls scored K. Sargsyan, 9, 28, 65. «Dinamo»: Nikitin, Mulikov, Proskura, Krivorotov, Eydelnant (Tkachenko, 65), Magomedov (Nikolaenko, 87), Koval, Duhnov (Tchitanava, 58), Saversky (Sarkisian, 80), K. Sargsian (M. Sargsyan, 80), Habekirov (Koberidze, 84). Prev. Eydelnant.

defeat players «Elista» in the last round in the Oktyabrsky with obscene to the leader of the account - 1:4 probably make many more serious about rural club. The team managed to recover after the launch failure (three points in seven rounds) and then steadily gained momentum.

now «Alania» distinguishes decent performance (6 th), with the others' fields oktyabrtsy is not robeyut and already hosts scored 16 goals.

especially upsetting to rivals, and Robert R. Bukulov Alborov. They and the match with stavropoltsami were probably the most active in the composition of the North-Ossetian team.

, however, and dinamovtsev found their arguments. Guests immediately vzvintili pace, and any attack on the owners meet sudden and sharp kontratakami. Already in the first half stavropoltsy used two ways, and after attacks K. Sargsyan took into account - 2:0. The main after a break for a young team to keep the regional center was won advantage. But, as they say, Karen has not been stopped. Playing before, usually no more than half, it nevertheless scored in the first circle of 10 balls. And on his account, it was two goals in the gate «Arua», «Azov» the same «Alanya». And it had the opportunity to distinguish! And soon the young forward has made Hat-tricks are not only beautiful zabiv ball into the goal the hosts, but also bringing the total expense of their balls to 13-years.

For lovers of statistics say that over the last 20 years by three goals in one match at «Dinamo» before zabivali Yu Avdeenko, E. Bogdanov, R. Udodov, R . Hutov, V. Fiev, A. Antyuhin and I. Luzhniki.

In 1988, W. Korneev submitted to the knock-out Army Rostova, clogging them in one game, four goals. Now, in this «club» entered and K. Sargsyan.

In addition to Karen, the day should be recorded in history Stavropolski «Dinamo» as the first day of the victory of the Stavropol young team, which is like no other now needs all the support and power structures, and guide the club, which still can not settle with the players. Terms of payment of debts athletes transferred from one date to another, heap of promises at all levels is growing as a yeast. For several months, 14 players because of this has left the team, but the remaining players are not seen as real money, and do not see. This is that - helplessness of people who are responsible for dealing with this issue, their indifference to what is happening in «Dinamo», or a deliberate act on the final destruction of football in the regional center, which last 10 years, despite the endless change of presidents of the club, flies headlong down?

On that day, played: «Spartak-2» - «Terek» - 6:1, «Ulan Zalat» - «Dagdizel» - 1:0, «Beslan» -- «Elista» - 3:2 (in the second circle elistintsy collected one point from nine), «Vladikavkaz» - «Alternative» - 2:2 (rostovchane last three matches completed a draw), «Kavkazkabel» - «Novorossisk» - 0:3 . Meeting «KTG-2005» - «Arua» postponed to July 9.


Pts P W D L F A

Novorossiisk 21 0 0 81-10 63

Dagdizel 16 3 4 50-15 51

Alternative 16 3 2 63-22 50

Elista 15 3 4 52-25 48

DINAMO 15 2 5 62-16 47

KTG-2005 13 4 4 32-17 43

Beslan 12 2 8 34-29 38

K / cable 9 5 8 40-40 34

Alaniya 10 0 12 42-49 30

Mozdok 9 2 8 32-30 29

Ulan Zalat 9 0 12 18-29 27

Tagmet 8 3 9 28-27 27

Vladikavkaz 6 5 11 27-36 23

Volgar-2 7 0 14 32-51 21

Spartak 2 5 4 13 32-46 19

Arua 4 6 11 28-51 18

Terek 4 3 15 24-56 15

Terek-2 4 0 15 13-47 12

Angusht-2 2 4 13 19-46 10

Azov 0 3 17 17-82 3

Valery Popov

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