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Representation in the parliament levied a tax return.

In the parliament to all without exception must annually file tax returns ..

The bill was introduced by the federal parliament. The author of the document, a State Duma deputy from the United Russia Nikolai Pankov, believes that "people should know the income" of those who work in government. "Worthless" to this initiative, objected to the expert.

deputy of the faction "United Russia" Nikolay Pankov suggested the State Duma to amend Article 2.1 of the Federal Law "On general principles of organization of legislative (representative) and executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation."

The bill proposes to oblige the members of regional parliaments, following the example of federal officials to report annually to the tax authorities information about income and assets.

В«Now hand over the declaration, not all members of the legislative assembly. I suggest that they also served their declarations. If you work in the organ of state power, then the public should know your income, "- said Pankow. The deputy could not answer the question whether the support of his colleagues. True, any liability for violation of laws for the deputies are not provided. Unlikely to want to hide their income or property to stop the rule that "information about violations related to the intentional concealment of income and identified by tax authorities of the Russian Federation, to be published in an official publication of the state authorities of the Russian Federation."

More May 18, 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev in the advertised program to combat corruption has signed several decrees, obligating parties in the civil service and their families each year to provide information about income and assets. The first declaration of the president, his administration, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and members of the government aroused wide interest in the media, but did not result in any checks. But the declarations several State Duma deputies got a lot of questions.

In particular, in early October, the leader of the non-parliamentary opposition party, Yabloko, Sergei Mitrokhin, based on materials developed by international anti-corruption organization Transparency International (TI), sent to the presidential administration and government apparatus queries about the reliability of the declarations of five deputies. All of them are members of the faction "United Russia". Mitrokhin interested in these Andrei Skoch, Valentine Bobyreva, Nikolai Gonchar, Andrei Isayev and Dmitry Saveliev. According to experts, they "increase in property" does not correspond to the level of annual income. A month earlier, Yabloko and TI have sent similar requests for declarations under United Russia, Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov, a member of the Communist Party Sergei Levchenko, and the deputy from the LDPR Ashot Yeghiazaryan. Experts have begun to complain that the decree Medvedev not registered scheme of liability for false statements, and that is clearly not enough data on the costs of officials.

According to head the Russian branch of Transparency International Elena Panfilova, an initiative of the deputy Pankov does not fix this imperfection. "With all my might be a good judge, if the norm is not only spelled out on paper, but applied and adequately" - she said.

В«We were asked to check a number of MPs - and what happened to them? Nothing. So you can talk all they want, but until it will be a number of public sanctions, up to the prosecution and detention powers, nothing will change. Pankov idea worthless in the current circumstances "- says Panfilov.

publication in the regional state-owned media, according to Panfilova, nothing. "People will read and say:" Oh, cool. " And yet, - the expert believes.

Panfilov partly supported member of the Duma's committee on fighting corruption "spravedlivoross" Gennady Gudkov. "I support any initiative relating to the disclosure of income and expenses - he said .- But I twist a finger at his temple and called romantic. I hated the debates and amendments, providing for the responsibility, but I was sent on a long legal journey. " True, admits Gudkov, "corruption in the ranks of regional deputies not the most serious problem." "It is better to come up with what to do with the millions of officials," - he concluded. Rule providing the publication of violations in the media, MP Endorses: "Step right, but too littleВ».

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