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Foreign cars produced in Russia, most Russians do not consider domestic cars ..

In Russia gradually rastetdolya car owners: from 37% in 2006 to 43% this year, but among them are still dominated by those with a family - one car (38%) and not more than (5%) ..

Fewer and fewer of those who do not have a car (56% vs. 63% four years ago).

Such data are published All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) on the basis of the results of a survey conducted in 42 regions of Russia. Most often, the presence of machines in the family reported the men (48%) and 35-44-year-olds (53%) respondents.

car is still an attribute that primarily high net Russians: among them, his owner is every second (50%), whereas among the lowest income - less than a third of respondents (29%).

The majority of our citizens still have no plans to buy a car, but compared with 2009 of these respondents was much lower (from 85 to 76%). A growing proportion of Russians who are going to make such an acquisition (from 14% in 2006 to 18% this year), although mainly in the longer term (11%), but not in the coming year (7%).

most active intention to buy a car show Moscow and St. Petersburg (24%), 18-24-year-old Russians (21%) and secured fellow (31%). There are no such plans in the elderly (91%) and poor (81%) respondents.

For most Russians, domestic cars - it is traditionally only Russian brand cars made by domestic car factories (60%). Such a view is more typical for Volzhan (66%), Urals (64%), Siberian (65%) and residents of the North Caucasus region (66%), and 25-44-year-olds (62-64%). In addition, this view is shared by most car owners, and those who have no car (62 and 58% respectively).

One in five (20%) believes that the definition of "domestic car" fits any car, assembled in the country. Think so, mainly Southerners (41%) and 25-44-year-olds (23-25%).

Finally, for 14% of respondents determining factor is the country of manufacture of component parts car: if it's native plant, then the car can be considered domestic. Proponents of this position are more common among residents of the Northwest District (20%) and Far East (22%).

Russians in general are loyal to domestic automobiles. So, for 37% of Russian machine can become a normal replacement foreign car if the purchase of a foreign car no money. Adhere to this position, basically, Moscow and St. Petersburg (45%). 32% believe that in some cases, domestic car even better than the foreign (a year ago so thought 36%) - an opinion often expressed villagers (35%). In a minority, as before, those who are fundamentally prefer foreign cars, believing that it is better to walk than to ride a domestic machine.

At the same time car owners are more inclined to show loyalty to the domestic auto industry: thus, they are more likely according to Russian Machines normal temporary replacement cars (41%). But on the other hand, in the same group more often by those who fundamentally are opposed to domestic cars (19%).

The survey involved 1600 people. Statistical error does not exceed 3,4%

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