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Rename Budennovsk.

With this initiative serves a resident of the city. He proposed to return the name of Budyonnovsk revolution - Holy Cross.

Valery Koloskov - underling Budennovskoy rayadministratsii - in their free time has conducted a survey among residents of the city and gathered 100 signatures in favor of the idea of renaming Budennovska in the Holy Cross. Brought these signatures in the city Duma with a proposal to bring this issue to public debate. But Budyonnovsk deputies sent Koloskov of the boundary Duma, referring to the fact that, under federal law issues of names and renaming of geographical features within the competence of regional parliamentarians. Budennovets and appealed to Moscow - to federal authorities, but they sent him to Stavropol.

This year, as is known, was ten years, the tragic events of June 1995, when a gang of Shamil Basayev attacked the town.

then killed 146 people. Thousands of city residents still can not forget those terrible days. According to Koloskov, the rejection of the name of Budennovsk relieve the people from the syndrome of terrorism and complex defeated, humiliated and insulted. It will let you forget the poor, victims of the tragedy will return mental health. And in the future name of the Holy Cross will protect the city from all the troubles and enemies, but primarily - from Islamic expansion.

- If the city will be called the Holy Cross, there will not be to build a mosque - said Koloskov.

He says that many citizens support the idea of returning Budyonnovsk pre-revolutionary name.

However, according to the chairman of the City Duma George Yuzbashev, the view of the widespread support for the idea of renaming too exaggerated. The initiative was discussed Koloskov Duma committee on social policy with the public - veterans, representatives of national diasporas entrepreneurs. Deputies and members of the public came to the conclusion that after the events of June 1995, renaming Budennovska is impractical. Around the world, the city now known as a Budennovsk.

- Koloskov, as a private person, can seek to rename the town, but we made such a request with the Regional Duma will not apply - summed up the conversation with the correspondent of В«VedomostiВ» George Yuzbashev.

Initiative Koloskov city authorities saw no more than another as his attempt to raise its profile.

U Valeria Koloskov populist reputation. He was a deputy Gordumy the first convocation, for some time led the commission to the rule of law. Gordumu and ran in the second convocation, the head of the city - but without success.

However, Koloskov itself refuses to rename Lavrov proponent, said that took up the matter at the request of city residents.

Outside the discussion remains the question of the necessary costs of renaming the city.

city authorities, given their position, to keep the calculations do not need, such as Koloskov arithmetic alone are unlikely to ÏÓÉÌÉÔ�.

name of the Holy Cross of the city, founded in 1799, was until 1920.

called Prikumskom, then Budennovskom (from 1935 to 1957), then again Prikumskom. In 1973, after the death of a hero of civil war - the first commander of the horse - Seeds Budennogo again named Budennovsk.

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