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Victor Camara believes that being a hero telenovell easy: it is needed charisma and acting talent.

At its forty-four years and dvadtsatisemiletnim luggage telenovell career in the world, with twenty-five roles in telenovellah Victor Camara considered one of the most famous Venezuelan actor.

"I believe that I can still play heroes telenovell my age. After all, many actors from other Latin American countries play a major role in telenovellah that do not quite fit his age, but the script allows them to do so", - said Victor Camara .

In March 2003 Victor Kamara arrived in Miami to play the first role in the telenovela production in the U.S. channel "Univision", under the name "Rebecca." There he performed the role of the father of the hero. Victor Camara, known primarily for roles in such telenovellah as "La intrusa" (Zahvatchitsa), "Mosquita muerta" (Dohlaya fly), "Peligrosa" (Dangerous), "Pecados de amor" (love Sins), "Ines Duarte secretaria" (InГ©s Duarte, personal secretary), "Bellisima" (The Most Beautiful), "Topacio" (Topaz).

you were not scared to play the role of a father for the first time the main character?

No, not at all. This gave me an opportunity to show the other side of his professionalism. In addition, this telenovela were obvious advantages: it was interactive, and viewers can vote for a person with whom they would like to see the main character in the final. According to the vote, my character has always had good ratings.

But you do feel that your characters can fight for the love of the protagonist?

This is not the character, but an actor who plays him. We need to know how to be a hero-lover, but it is not easy. You need to have charisma, which does not depend on talent. I think I can still play a major role without any problems, but the character has to be my age. Everything depends on the script and the actor's composition.

And as you watch each other?

I have not yet done any plastic surgeries, but when needed, then I will make sure. I believe that important in life is to live quietly at any stage of life. I am leading a quiet life.

And what do you think about the young actors, such as the trio of the telenovela "Pasion de gavilanes" (because there are actors Mario Simarro, Alfonso Baptista and Michael Brown - PP .)?

excellent actors and very impressive. Everything depends on the style telenovela. I'm still a romantic roles, but it does not depend on age.

But the main character is not greatly changed in recent years, so you do not you think?

Telenovelly always be created for women. They have become more independent, they have changed. Men's roles leave until desired. Excluding only represent the Brazilian telenovela, which are more open and Colombia, where men's roles are less important.

you were in Colombia a few years ago, what are you working?

That project, which was conceived and has not implemented. But I have learned from this trip benefit - met with friends in telekompaniyah RTI and Caracol. While specific proposals and did not follow, I can say that it would very much like to work in a Colombian telenovela.

And what about the work of the Venezuelan actors?

Not very good, although something they do. Venevision TV has reduced the number of projects related to economic problems.

Your arrival in Miami is the beginning of a career in the U.S.?

I do not think so. I have always said that coming here to work, but the work will ever end. I have my own house, his own life and of my family lives in Venezuela. Despite the political situation, I have not fled the country. In addition, the Latin American market in the U.S. is limited. To all Latin American there is a certain negative attitude.

ruВиктор Камара считает, что быть героем теленовелл легко: для этого нужна харизма и актерский талант
deVictor Camara ist der Auffassung, dass ein Held telenovell einfach: Es ist erforderlich, Charisma und schauspielerisches Talent.
esVГ­ctor CГЎmara considera que es un hГ©roe telenovell fГЎcil: se necesita carisma y talento actuando.
frVictor Camara estime que le fait d'ГЄtre un hГ©ros telenovell facile: il est nГ©cessaire de charisme et en talent.
itVictor Camara ritiene che sia un eroe telenovell facile: ГЁ necessario agire carisma e talento.

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