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In the State Duma are hoping that the new zakonaproekt about education in the Russian Federation will be ready by December ..

In the State Duma of the Russian Federation hoped that the new bill which will replace the existing legislation in the field of education will be available in December ..

Oct. 13 during the parliamentary hearings in the State Duma Committee Chairman on Education Gregory Balykhin (United Russia) noted that "the need to adopt new law on education in Russia is long overdue." "Today the State Duma discussed the working papers submitted by the Ministry of Education and Science. I hope that in December we will be discussing is the bill - said the parliamentarian.

Ministry of Education, on the one hand, wants to see the future law compact, concise, on the other - to "the maximum number of requests found in it a reflection," said Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Education Ivan Lobanov.

The new law is expected to enhance the competitiveness of Russian education. Speaking about the current situation in education, Lobanov said that experience shows that one of the criteria of "interestingness" of the education system is the number of foreign students who wish to acquire education. "As part of the integration of our system in the world I think this is a clear indicator. In this system, we have the following figures: in the U.S. - learn about 600 thousand foreign students in Russia - about 150 thousand we're on the 8 seats at present after France, Germany, Australia etc. This is not the place that Russia should occupy in the industry "- said the representative of the Ministry of Education.

Also during his speech Lobanov noted the need to reconsider the approach to the Olympics. "Interesting fact: when passing USE 1-year exemption from the students - a higher percentage of benefit recipients and those who successfully passed the Olympics, compared with those who have passed an ordinary contest. This fact gives us an opportunity to ponder the further education system," - he said.

During the discussion document, the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Education, Oleg Smolin (CPRF) drew attention to the fact that the authors are trying to abolish free housing for rural teachers. He also stressed that persons with disabilities are trying to eliminate all benefits for university entrance. Their 1.5% of the number of applicants, cited data from the MP. He also said that the Communist Party is preparing an alternative draft.

The discussion also brought questions of relating to the delimitation of powers of the Russian Federation, Russian regions and municipalities in the area of education in relation to the basic principles of legal regulation of relations in education, with the exception initial vocational training of educational levels, the proposed changes in the types and kinds of separate groups of educational institutions, regulations governing the economy, including investment, activities in the field of education.

During the parliamentary hearings, the participants drew the attention of Ministry of Education on the need to strengthen social protection of students, the expansion of academic freedom and academic mobility of students, to strengthen the social safety net of teaching and research and teaching staff of educational institutions and enhancing their status. Experts also think about the more well-positioned equality accredited educational institutions at various levels and forms of ownership in the implementation of educational, scientific and economic activities in the implementation of government (municipal) or job order for children's education, training. Also during the hearing, attention was drawn Minobranuki to clarify the approaches to the establishment and financial support for implementation of public tasks (the order) for educational institutions, taking into account the specifics of education.

The hearing also recommend that the Russian government to consider the possibility of exemption from income tax (at least until 2020) the educational activities undertaken by educational organizations and institutions, enterprises and organizations of the real economy.

, presented by Ministry of Education document establishes the general principles and regulations governing the relations in the education system, the state guarantees the right to education, secured the right to education throughout life in accordance with educational and professional needs, recognizes the equality and competition entities involved in educational activities (organizations of different forms of ownership and legal forms of organization, and individual entrepreneurs).

The circle of subjects entitled to carry out educational activities. In particular, it is envisaged that the research organizations and other organizations, including those created in the form of commercial organizations will be able to carry out educational activities as complementary to its core activities in a number of educational programs. At the same time provides for equal access to state, municipal and private organizations that provide quality educational services to the educational infrastructure and state and municipal funding of educational activities through the relevant budgets.

ruВ Госдуме надеются, что новый законапроект об образовании в РФ будет готов к декабрю.
deIn der Staatsduma hoffen, dass die neue zakonaproekt über Bildung in der Russischen Föderation wird im Dezember fertig ..
esEn la Duma de Estado esperan que la nueva zakonaproekt sobre la educaciГіn en la FederaciГіn de Rusia estarГЎ listo para diciembre ..
frDans la Douma d'Etat sont en espГ©rant que le zakonaproekt nouvelles sur l'Г©ducation dans la FГ©dГ©ration de Russie sera prГЄte d'ici DГ©cembre ..
itNella Duma di Stato sperano che il nuovo zakonaproekt sull'educazione nella Federazione russa sarГ  pronto entro dicembre ..

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