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The census will help Adygs overcome the artificial division.

In the forthcoming census of population as an ethnic group Circassians have to write their nationality as "Circassian". .

Yesterday the National Population Census, which will be held in October, there were calls Kabardians, Circassians Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygeya and Adygs Shapsugs Krasnodar region to identify their nationality single name "of Adygeya.

In the list of nationalities, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation as a guide for use in the census, there are the names of all the Circassian ethnic groups.

"For the Circassians are essential to maintain a common name. For even from the annals of the tenth century is well known that the Circassian, proudly beating their breasts, saying:" I - Adygea. The word "Circassian", as required in the determination of nationality, should remain. This conclusion was reached by all public Circassian organizations. Circassians in fact more than 800 thousand in one country, but judging from the latest census, officially they are much smaller. And all because of the fact that people of one nationality recorded on the differently, "- said Cooack.

"Adygea artificially divided in the same state at the Adyghe, Circassian and Kabardins. The last census in selected national and selected Shapsugs - subethnos Circassians. But they, in turn, divided into three podsubetnosa. One of the main problems Circassians - the official divisions based on ethnicity. And it does not mean that the official launching of nearly a million Circassians-Cherkessia in Russia will start some political changes. In any event, no redrawing of boundaries will not, nobody is going to change the socio-political map of the North Caucasus. Adygs For a major target in life was and remains Adyghe Habze (adyghe Code of Ethics), a kind of constitution, the Basic Law. A Adyghe Habze required to live in a community and make friends with people who live nearby, "- said Cooack .

"Why, as a general ethnonym should choose the word" Circassian? "- Asks public-spirited person. - Because the world is the word - for determining the nationality of the Circassians. By the way, many countries called Circassians in general of all immigrants from the North Caucasus. It turns out that foreign word "Circassian" combines, and in Russia why not? now being discussed topic on how to prevent Adygs be called Circassians, because in the Caucasus, ostensibly, certain problems arise. Is it because in the upcoming Census acceptable spelling subethnos? This can be called a "Siberian", but considered a Russian, there is no guarantee that adyghe subethnos, say, Shapsugs or horse, will, according to the census, officially, but not actually consider themselves Adygea.

"There's another side of the coin - added Cooack. - Many Circassians stubbornly unwilling to write their nationality as" Circassian ", arguing that the Circassians - those who live in Karachay-Cherkessia, and in Adygea live Adygeys. Based on this logic, can be artificially increased the number of Circassians, but reduced the number of, say, or Kabardins Adighes. But be that as it may, we insist that even in the upcoming 2010 census Circassians signified their nationality as a Circassian. "In the end, this is not the last census in our lives, so why not prepare for the next. I think that if Russia has officially announced that the country is home to about one million Circassians, that is, after 150 years after the Caucasus war, it would be very good promise, and Circassians, can no doubt be thankful for what they got together in this way ".

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