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In Stavropol no reason to be afraid of food shortages ..

The head of the Stavropol Territory Valery Gajewski at a meeting of the socio-political council, said: "The Stavropol no reason to be afraid of food shortages."

He also recalled that the region this year came in confident, "plus" in almost all directions selhoztovaroproizvodstva.

As the governor noted, in comparison with January-August 2009 agro-based industries added over the same period in 2010 1,5%. Food production in the province increased compared with the same period to 14.5%. The volume of harvest meets annual average over the past five years. Recorded increases in meat production - by 6,6%, milk - 1,4%, eggs - by 8,3%. In general, self-sufficiency in Stavropol food reaches 98%. Edge stores for several years unchanged price of bread and some other socially significant products.

However, the psychological factor in the behavior of consumers and entrepreneurs, according to the governor, played a negative role in the creation of excessive demand for buckwheat and some other foodstuffs. Gajewski noted that the major emphasis in curbing the negative trends set at the federal level. "The bottom line: non-market mechanisms, it is better not to use. Looking for more subtle methods. In particular, monitoring of food prices throughout the supply chain - from manufacturer to counter" - the head region.

listing the tools to influence the situation in the possession of the regions today, Valery Gajewski noted the role of public organizations and buyers in attracting attention and possible action by the authorities to stabilize the market. Open the "hot line" by which to communicate the appreciated products in specific retail outlets. This will give the opportunity to carry out reasonable checks margins and performance of business enterprises and organizations. "In the Stavropol region are ready to give an adequate response to any price manipulation. But here we are critically important to support leading social forces and the population itself," - said Gajewski.

As in his report on the situation on the food market, said First Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy White Region, from January to July, average food prices in the province amounted to 5.8%, which corresponded to the level of 2009. However, in August, the situation in the consumer market has significantly increased. There was an increase in prices for dairy products, cereals, eggs. According to first deputy prime minister, played a significant role here triggered by unfounded rumors of excessive demand for products of long-term storage.

Since the beginning of the rise in prices for pork and bovine meat was in the region of 10-15%. By 10% went up a dozen eggs. The increase in milk prices due to increased purchase price and the fact that over the past two and a half years, price tags on the product have not changed. Now milk on the shelves of the edge costs an average of 26 rubles. per liter. In the Kuban - 27.74 rub. In the Rostov region -30.85 rub. The price of bread from flour of the first grade has remained stable for two years, he said.

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