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Ku-klus Klan show.

TV-show, in which white Americans choose between the neighbors of black, yellow, gay and striptizershami disturbance and liberals and conservatives.

Guide Corporation ABC decided not to issue show «Let's neighbors!» ( «Welcome to Neighborhood») the day before the premiere - a case unprecedented in the practice of television. Neither the management of the company nor its attorneys, which gave the project the green light, could not assume that the new program «a real TV» cause such violent reactions from the civil and human rights organizations.

Summer series of six episodes was to start June 10, the appearance of the show was preceded by strong advertising campaign. The essence of the same project is as follows.

Three good American family from Texas would have to choose which of several families, applicants will be their neighbors and get to the ownership of a beautiful house of 330 square meters area.

Each family that selection, - the white conservatives, it is concerned that the neighbors are no different. And here began the most interesting.

tehastsam offered the choice of a family of blacks, Asians, the family, a family of Latin Americans, the white gay couple who adopted a black boy, the couple, covered from head to toe piercing and tattoos, a couple, to get acquainted at vedmovskom initiation ritual, and family, where my mom worked striptizershey.

Every week Aborigines by a vote deciding what the family out of the competition. Recently, and get home.

creators of the show hoped that the project will be intriguing personalities in the development of white conservatives, whose prejudices have to gradually istochitsya and dispel the influence of living human beings, which tehastsy initially perceived as a set of stereotypes.

intrigue, however, was another. National Society of homeowners, the League for the Protection of the rights of gays and lesbians, and several others felt that the show is offensive and demanded its ban.

«Why color should be subjected to public humiliation in order to teach them not to be white racists? This is bad for race relations in America », - quotes CNN Shannu Smith, head of the Union of homeowners.

We all have reason to chafe. In the first two series of the show, shown to interested persons, white tehastsy behave less like a real liberal internationalists. These curves, when Latin Americans dragged from the car of their numerous children, questioned American citizenship chapters of the Asian family - the very good businessman and did not hide disgust, looking at the manifestation of tenderness in the family «blue».

And if the League to protect the rights of gays and lesbians felt «very worrying» spectacle in which the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants voted for the exclusion of homosexual families from a list of neighbors, the Research Council family, by contrast, is concerned about the way conservative Christians, who are vicious xenophobia. Union homeowners, in turn, insists that the neighbors do not have the right to choose their neighbors to taste.

All this was totally unexpected for the management of ABC, which continues to insist that «We will be neighbors!» - this is a positive vision.

«You've seen only the first two series», - tried to explain the show producer Jay Blyumenfeld. «You did not see as aggression is replaced by humanism in future episodes». For example, a family of tattooed Shitsov, which tehastsy tried to throw out the first of the show, was best friends Aboriginal after finding that all of them - the Republicans. The second show producer Tony Marsh week earlier lamented: «One of the terrible things happening in this country - that people are too afraid of healthy debate ...».

But all in vain. Representatives of NGOs have announced that have already prepared a lawsuit in the event that the show still will be aired. Borders, which allows society to discuss the problem of xenophobia, have already than anticipated direction largest U.S. broadcasting network.

But something good in this story is still there. One of the families did get home, despite the abolition of the show. Who chose tehastsy - remains a mystery.

John Smith

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