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"Attacks could have been avoided if the police perform their duties."

In the North Caucasus over the past 8 months to commit 37 crimes esktremistskoy orientation, which is 4 times more than the same period last year ..

Such data led Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Sydoruk held in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria) today, September 16, coordination meeting on the status and organization of law enforcement SKFO in combating crimes of extremist and terrorist orientation.

"The question arises: whether it was possible to prevent them?" I think so, if policemen performed their duties, "- said Sydoruk.

According to him, this year in the region of 32 anti-terrorist operations, eliminated 167 members of bandit groups, 16 leaders of the thugs eliminated 48 bases, 116 caches, prevented 58 crimes of extremist category. In the production there were 252 criminal terrorism cases and 32 - about extremism, 132 of which are directed to the court. Of 128 persons convicted.

"However, the measures can not be called adequate. During the period this year, committed 37 crimes of an extremist, that is, 76 percent of the total number of such crimes in Russia. Of particular concern is the number of grown up attacks on law enforcement and military personnel that killed 149 and wounded 384 people, "- said Sydoruk.

According to him, on the operational situation in the area affected by both subjective and objective reasons. "The economic situation in the region, we can not influence, but we can influence the subjective factors", - said Sydoruk.

He noted that police still have not learned to work on anticipation and prevention of extremist manifestations, there is negligence. It is a consequence of this Sydoruk described occurred in the North Caucasus explosions at the racetrack in Nalchik, in Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Vladikavkaz.

In addition, the deputy prosecutor general said that investigators do not have high-quality intelligence about persons who are prone to commit crimes of an extremist, making it difficult to work on pre-emption, "and one that has not always executed, by Cases of attempted law enforcement officers are often not carried out the investigation. He also criticized the work of some vessels in the region: "In Ingushetia, after killing two deputies chairman of the court, all judges in the trial, which featured members of the gang, having recused himself," - an example Sydoruk.

In addition, the meeting noted that the particularly relevant questions remain eliminate posobnicheskoy base bandit groups, formation of public consciousness the fact of criminality assist them in any form. Also, adequate measures prevent procrastination in the investigation of crimes in this category, the illegal suspension of the investigation, attempts to "write off" their crimes on the dead militants.

The meeting was attended zampolpreda president SKFO Vladimir Shvetsov, deputy head of the Russian Federation Boris UPC Karnaukhov, Head of Research Ministry of the Interior SKFO Chenchik Sergey, Head of the Russian prosecutor general's office in the North Caucasus Federal District, prosecutors subjects SKFO Minister of Internal Affairs of the region, their closure under investigation.

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