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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Veterans were asked Medvedev to protect the mayor of Moscow.

Go to Dmitri Medvedev to restore justice to the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov of Moscow asked the veterans. .

В«On someone's initiative or at the direction of the media, especially on the central TV channels launched literally hounding the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov," - said in the letter.

was signed by him put 15 people, including the chairman of the Moscow city council of veterans Vladimir Dolgov, the club's chairman of the USSR and Hero of Russia Nikolay Antoshkin, head of the regional public organization of Heroes of Socialist Labor and full cavaliers of the Order of Labour Glory Alex Levin, Chairmen of Boards of veterans of the 10 administrative districts of the capital.

authors of the messages emphasized that the September 10-12, Federal TV channels broadcast transmissions that are "set insinuatsionnyh fragments longstanding evidence, often based on assumptions in order to discredit the mayor of Moscow."

According to the veterans, the head of the largest metropolis, headed by its more than 15 years, you can find a lot of mistakes, flaws and omissions. "They certainly are. But they should be top management always immediately detect and correct. Overall assessment of the mayor of the 12 millionth of the city should take into account mainly the strategic direction of urban development, economic growth, higher levels of education, culture, health, strengthening civil society institutions ", - underlined the authors of the letter.

According to them, and Luzhkov, Moscow had initiated the fracture in relation to society for the veterans in the 90 years. "Moscow is carried out real actions on social protection of veterans and preserve all of the benefits participants WWII, raising pensions to two times the minimum subsistence level. Nowhere, as in Moscow, is not implemented a social program to improve the lives of disabled people "- said representatives of veterans organizations.

В«We ask you, Mr. President, as the guarantor of the Constitution and justice, to intervene in individual raised in the media baiting loudmouth mayor of Great Russia and to restore justice" - said in a letter.

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