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"Raw Russia will perish."

September 2, 2010 Nobel Laureate Jaures Alferov, co-chairman of the Council of Scientific Innovation Centre Skolkovo, head of the St. Petersburg Scientific Center RAS, RAS Vice President visited the factory of company "Optogan in St. Petersburg.

Alferov met with leaders of the company - graduates of the Physico-Technical Institute. Joffe, his former students and with the team managers of the enterprise. Speaking to the team after examining the new high-tech enterprises, the Russian academician said:

"In our time, I would say, always and everywhere in all countries, all we use - the result of scientific research. With regard to semiconductor heterostructures, the first semiconductor laser in our laboratory was established in 1968, and in the 1970 commencement of commercial production. It is very important and most valuable - we in Russia revives high-tech industry. And "Optogan - an example, when these high technology - the result of our scientific research employees. This is the future of Russia - whether Russia will live and exist, is determined by whether we will have developed the high tech industry, whether diversified our economy and whether it goes on primary energy sources such as semiconductor diodes. Support for such industries need a full and absolute - tax incentives, to attract young people (housing, social protection). Russia can survive and develop only on the basis of research and development. Otherwise, raw Russia will perish "- made a Nobel Laureate.

In May 2010, a group of "Optogan acquired a large factory for assembling electronic devices in St. Petersburg. The plant, fully ready to begin operation. During the summer of 2010, "Optogan" spent installing and setting up the first stage of the specialized production lines for manufacturing LEDs. Performance of the first production line will be more than 30 million korpusirovannyh LEDs per month. Start of production at the site will be carried out in autumn 2010. LEDs are the most advanced lighting technology. To date, energy efficiency (lighting per watt) LEDs 2 times the energy efficiency of fluorescent lamps and 10 times - light bulbs. Diode life reaches 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps. One of the advantages of LED light sources is their environmental safety - they do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances. The emission spectrum of LEDs is as close to day-light spectrum and therefore provides a better state of health of consumers, efficiency and resistance to stress. Group of Companies Optogan is a manufacturer of super-bright LEDs and lighting systems based on them. The company was founded in Finland in 2004 by three students of Nobel laureate Jaures Alferov, Ioffe graduates. Ioffe (St. Petersburg).

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