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News Festival PRO-ROCK.

5 th Music Festival "PRO-ROCK-2005" will be held on 13-14 August at the same spot - Krasnodar, Goryacheklyuchevskoy district, 15 km from the town of Hot-key in the sea on a federal highway Krasnodar-Dzhubga, polyana deltaplaneristov .

main objectives of the project this year - the expansion of geographical coverage and the formation of an even more striking in attendance.

One of the special prizes, which will be marked by the best participants of the festival "PRO-ROCK-2005" will be rotated on one of the most advanced Internet radio stations Russia - "SpecialRadio", which will make the information partner of the festival this year. In the rotation will get the winner in the category of "Best of radio hits" as well as possibly other songs of the festival participants to choose a specialist station.

define the first party to the festival. They will be group "force majeure" from the town of Neftekumsk Stavropol region.

Group in the current year and there are about is perhaps the most professional and well-known in his city.

"Opening" and "Best Party" last year's "PRO-rock" - Sochi team "Abry" re-released on the scene and the festival this year. Since the team is invited to outside competition and received confirmation of his participation, now you can please all who are waiting for "Abrov" to "PRO-ROKe-2005. There will be the sole representative of a team of city-resort or not, show the results of the qualifying round.

This year, a festival co-speaking TV and Radio Association of the Southern Federal District. The involvement of associations in the project will create unprecedented coverage of the South of Russia promotional campaign of the festival. Sincerely will be glad to see visitors from the new towns in the "PRO-ROKe-2005.

More good news for future participants of the festival. The largest South Russian music publishing Sound-M "- one of the main partners in the project has established an unprecedented in the history of music festivals in the south of the prize - a professional record album on the basis of the company. The prize will be the winner in the category "Best Group Festival.

identified another 2 participants of the festival.

City Elistu Republic of Kalmykia in the 3rd time will present a group of "silent", which became the opening of the festival "PRO-ROCK-2003." Participants from the city of Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria will team Granit.

official information partners in these cities will speak "Russian radio."

identified staff, who will speak at the festival "PRO-ROCK-2005 with the rank of" guests of the festival. " Remember that, as the guests invited to attend the draft of the regions outside the South Federal District. That will be the guest of the Moscow group "Star Wormwood." Residents of the Krasnodar Territory, it may be known as a party to the radio project "Coupe", on the air a few years earlier at a radio station "Rocks-region, where the song of the" Three Zero "a long time led the hit parade. In addition, the songs were still heard on many radio stations in Russia including in the air in Moscow "Our radio. The group also participated in many festivals held in different parts of the country. This year, in addition to "PRO-rock" Star Wormwood "to take part in the biggest festival of the St. Petersburg Open Window" and otygraet on "Invasion of 2005" to Emmaus.

In the next, for the third time in a row the city of Armavir in the festival will present the group 200Dzhug, with this team and we congratulate.

Members of the Volgograd region will become a group of "Set" in the Volga River city. And perhaps they will not only participants from the edges, as worthy of application is not exhausted. A lot of interesting material came from the very Volgograd.

city of Taganrog on this occasion will be presented to the new party. They will group Anplagiat.

encouraged by the fact that applications from taganrogskih groups this year was much higher, for which thanks to the active promotion of Radio University. In this regard, the choice has become wider and indeed it was what to choose. A comparison of applications this year, with the material of previous years, the impression that the level taganrogskih teams rose slightly. But at the moment, the choice is made and we wish the group "Anplagiat" a successful debut at the festival.

next identified participants became Rostovskaya group "La Bandera".

In the event that this team will be able to live speech at the festival to show the same energy as the demo recordings, one can say with confidence that the team will remember for many. In all likelihood, at the Rostov members did not end because the most interesting applications came from there. But the choice is extremely difficult to do.

second and last group that will participate in the festival as guests, will be working today in the capital Rostov team "Abviotura.

To our knowledge, this beloved Rostov already known to the public as far away from his native city. At the moment, "Abviotura" active and successful concerts in different clubs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Songs team composed of various music compilations as well as been sounded in the air of the capital of our radio. "

Volgograd at the festival will present a group of "SuperSonic".

Like last year's representatives Volgograd - "Capernaum" (unfortunately, split), "SuperSonic" constitute a very interesting combination of styles. Play quite energetic music, even heavy but very melodic, with a lyrical voice and quite an unusual sound.

Stavropol region this year will be presented to the participants from the city of gratitude - a group of "UletarNo.

energetic and melodic. Sending an application, one of the first in the Stavropol region, they first were, and as a result. Even in the past year, the team wore the name - "third way". During the short duration of the song the team has been able to enter the collections of the radio station "SpecialRadio" - "Recommended Records" as well as get into the rotation. Concert with the team is not great, but judging from the material - perhaps this is just yet. A good show for the "PRO-ROKe.

Krasnodarskie team "Elegy" and "Gumbert Gumbert," will appear on the stage and the festival this year.

choice of Krasnodar groups has become so challenging, that among them had to hold the drawing of lots, which have been identified and these members. Ironically, these two teams have never missed their participation in the festival. This year, they will appear on the stage "PRO-rock" is already the fifth time.

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