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Louse went trailer.

Was the author of the novel «Da Vinci Code» Dan Brown «point of deception» - story plot around a giant insect, compositions and conspiracy surrounding Jesus Christ.

addition genre classification of books and marketing has long existed. For example, successfully razoshedshayasya book, «exporting» sales in publishing parlance is commonly called «locomotive». In this case, the recently published novel by Dan Brown «point of deception» - «trailer».

inscription on the cover of «From the creator of« Da Vinci Code »leaves no doubt who« lucky »40 thousand copies« Points fraud ». His vital 200 rubles for the first time translated into Russian novel of Dan Brown vylozhat, of course, readers already densely podsevshie to expose secrets of family life of our Lord.

Alas, fans «Angels and Demons» and «Da Vinci Code», it seems, will be disappointed. And not only that the new novel is missing the main character of the two best-sellers, a historian-detective Robert Langdon. The point is that the new novel - is not new. «Point of deception» was written in 2001, even before Brown nabrel a gold vein of history and broke the market «Da Vinci Code». And «Point deception», and preparing for publication in the same publishing house «Digital Fortress» (Digital Fortress) - this writer's early novels, a world of fame he has not done so. Rather, the opposite too - just remember that before the grand success of «code» Brown was nothing remarkable vast army of ordinary American detektivschikov, graduating each year from 1200 to 1500 detectives and thrillers. Naturally, 99% of this pulp are totally unnoticed. «Point of deception» - among them.

As you know, for the first three novels published by Brown ( «Digital Fortress», «Angels and Demons» and «Point of deception») was not found, and 20 thousand buyers.

Now, of course, the situation has changed. Or showing anyone at first birth «point of deception» reinkarnirovali publishers, and now she stays in the bestseller list, while its total circulation in the U.S. already has reached up to 3.7 million copies. In «parovozik and trailer» love to play not only for us.

It is not a lack of professors, with phenomenal gift to find adventure on its own afedron, and not in small numbers of copies. In the end, and it is decent work is not always raspoznavali immediately, but the presence of professors do not have any meaning. In Brown's main characters do not have any meaning. Well, yes, running around in each of his book, two typical products: «Playboy intellectually loaded, 1 pc.» And «Beauty thirty, mental terzaniya complete» - well, what with that? Books is not about them.

All works written by Brown honed pattern of advertising cookies: «and tasty, and useful». This pie - easily usvaivaemuyu shell of secrets, shootings and drive a certain number of packaged information from the encyclopedia.

reader, zahlopnuv tomik and perevarivaya content sytno otrygnet: «Living knizhitsa».

So, consider it our duty to warn fans esteemed historical sensations - in the cakes completely different toppings. In «Point deception» reader pichkayut not human, and natural sciences. In the Arctic, found a unique meteorite that can overturn our understanding of the universe. At meteorite - mark a giant insect, more like a louse. Around the findings and began a deadly struggle of two political factions. It is therefore prepared to learn about the main types of meteorites complaining about the inefficiency of the work of NASA, clearances, that the geology is named Honda, to understand the biological differences ravnonogih and insects, and to know the theory of ocean currents. In between, contract killings, and the incredible rescue of stuff you will megaplyumami, Bathynomous giganteus, acoustic doplerovskimi scanners flow, petrology, gustoperymi and other neudobovarimym mikstom of the mineralogy of paleobotanikoy.

If the «Da Vinci Code» vertelos all around Jesus Christ, the main character «Points deception» a giant lice. Maybe, to whom and curious to see where this parasite is usual size of a briefcase, but are interested in the descendants of Christ did incomparably greater. Perhaps, therefore, the novel, which is now appends Brown, called the «Key Solomon», not «proboscis ÍÏÓËÉÔÁ».

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