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The conflict marshrutochnikov with the city authorities continues.

On Wednesday, union workers Road Transport and Road Management piketiroval administration of Stavropol.

campaign has collected more than 300 people.

Recall that in June - July, the city administration the regional center held a competition for the owners of the mini buses for the right to carry passengers around the city.

Some participants of the contest were not satisfied with the way it was conducted and its results.

Another part of drivers and private entrepreneurs owning minibuses do not agree with the requirement of the administration to conclude its agreement for the organization of passenger transportation, which they must pay a monthly budget of 1 thousand rubles. On the protection of these people got up the union, which filed a lawsuit in the Stavropol regional arbitration court.

suit was settled, and the head of the city, Dmitri Kuzminu was sent to the Court's decision to stop contracting to clarify the rule of law in an open competition.

But until September 1, contracts between the drivers of mini buses and the administration continued to be Stavropol. Already signed 1150 contracts.

President Stavropol regional trade union organizations of Road Transport and Road Management Galyna Pasechnik said that the purpose of the picket - stavropolchan draw attention to the problem of passenger traffic, as well as inform about the illegal actions of municipal authorities with regard to individual entrepreneurs and drivers' route taxis.

unions also want to cancel the results of open competition, as it is a violation of the laws.

illegal piketchiki believe, for example, that more points were those drivers who have already worked on the routes, that is, it is becoming a party to contest in unequal conditions. Another point: 70 pieces of rolling stock Ltd. В«ST lineВ» commission did not provide the documents and not submitted their vehicles for inspection, but successfully passed the contest.

talk with piketchikami went head of the Transport and Communications B. Adamenko.

- I am 95 percent sure of objectivity Commission, is held - said Adamenko.

- Of course, it was from 1370 participants in the competition to select only 1192. And of course, that 178 people remained, as they say, behind. But we are soon going to their jobs. To date, we have a need for more than 200 machines. Requires vehicles on suburban routes, it Mikhailovsk, Izobilny, Demin, Pear, etc. Soon will be another route to the 50 city vehicles. So that this problem be resolved.

about the second contract and pay a thousand rubles Adamenko said that the city has its own route network of the city, and therefore, the administration may charge a fee for its use. With regard to the above decision, the arbitration court - the city authorities consider it illegal and therefore did not see fit to implement it.

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