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Rostov architects can not find a place for the business center.

Rostov contracted the disease skyscrapers. Some of them have already been built, while others exist only on paper. New projects to build 23-storey office towers in the city center.

Architects fierce debate about whether it was the city such colossi, and make versions of where it would be possible to create a city center with a planned building. Meanwhile, the construction is chaotic in nature, which could lead to a future of serious infrastructure problems throughout the city.

Vykupiv attractive plot of land in the center, many investors are seeking to drive a lot of floors in order to extract the most revenue from sales of premises. In this case, their little concerned with the local architectural environment, the state of the surrounding buildings, roads and utilities. As a result, investors may become hostage to their own ambitions, faced with a mass of problems - from permanent congestion adjacent roads to the absence of the normal power supply and the need for a global perekladki water and sanitation.

problems associated with the building of skyscrapers in the heart of Rostov discussed June 22 at the next meeting of the urban architectural and planning board.

One issue was the project proposal for the building block within the boundaries of streets and Shaumyan Socialist and Prospect Syamashka and lane Gazetnogo. Here, next to the current vozvodyaschimsya business center В«merchant YardВ», a customer in the face Ltd. В«AlbionВ» intends to build a 23-storey multifunctional complex with a panoramic glass, atriumnymi spaces and panoramic elevators. In the first four floors of the complex raspolozhatsya cafes, boutiques, conference rooms, three floors above will parking (cars it will carry freight elevator), will be even higher multiple offices. Additional parking is planned to establish a ground floor and adjacent to the building site (the total number of parking spaces - 350).

The project, which was developed by the architect Hayk Guliyants, caused the most controversial architectural community. Some indignant appearance В«amazing monsterВ» in a few steps away from a particularly valuable historical buildings, which already destroyed by the action plyvuschih soils, predicted that the flow of cars to approach this complex, block all the surrounding streets are very narrow and already densely score transport.

Many architects believe that the center needs 6-7-storey building, do not conflict with the environment and infrastructure, albeit with a higher cost per square meter.

want to buy is still there, as the center - sverhtsennaya territory. Other no less sharply stated that the old buildings in the area is in a deplorable condition, people live in appalling conditions and many of the buildings is high time to pay for demolition. To build a building in the center of a small number of storeys, with its high-cost areas economically impractical. Moreover, as far as possible, allowing a single investor to build a multi-tower (meaning В«merchant yardВ»), forbid others to do the same next? Of the current situation, there are two out. The first - to break the old center and make it a kind of Manhattan. The second option - to create a business-building В«outside the circleВ», in the image and likeness of such cities as London or Paris. Business Center, you can create on the left bank of the Don, or on a wide avenue Sivers pervading major urban highways. But all this is just good wishes. But in reality, no one can forbid investors to build vysotki wherever they want.

One of the options for establishing an organized business center invited crowd Vladimir Korolyuk, director of the Architectural Bureau of Railway area.

Integrated business-building can be carried out along the trade union and Port streets, from the road bridge on Avenue Stachki. It will be preceded by a residential neighborhood, which is scheduled to be built along the avenue Stachki (up to square Druzhinnikov). The employer of this neighborhood is a department of Rostov-on-Don, the management company - UK «galaxy». Investors and developers are the same «galaxy», ÐÉÔÅÒÓËÁÑ «Ekogidrotehnika» and several other companies.

According to the project in the territory of 32 hectares on the left and right of the prospectus Stachki in two stages should be stood guard in a total of 350 thousand square meters. m of residential space.

The first phase includes 7 residential complexes of different storeys (up to 16 floors) with underground parking, office buildings and business centers. The second phase will consist of residential homes, commercial and administrative centers, and various buildings welfare assistance (school, high school, kindergartens, etc.). On the territory of the new neighborhood will live 15 thousand people.

project scale, and also gives the architects and the fear of traffic police in terms of the impact on traffic in Prospect Stachki - the main traffic artery connecting the western neighborhood of the city center. Now from the bridge to the area Druzhinnikov operations are in transit, at high speed. If there will be many side branches, leading deep into the new neighborhood, the speed may significantly decrease. As a result, the West neighborhood, with its 250 thousand inhabitants will face serious transport problems. It should be a solution to this complex task, redirecting the flow of road on other routes.

But there are also more optimistic forecasts. Business Center at the beginning of the prospectus Stachki can intercept some of the passengers who do not go to the city center. The area around zh.-d. Station architects felt very interesting, and if in the hills is a modern business district, it will not disturb the historic center and decorate the part of the city, which is now occupied by unattractive to private buildings.

Andrei Chernov

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