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Football: amateur league. Rest went to the benefit.

В«Dinamo StavropolВ» - В«VladikavkazВ» - 5:0.

two-week vacation, which Dynamo were due to calendar events, apparently went to his advantage. In the matches with their opponents after the scheduled break stavropoltsy came out with a strong thirst for the game. And from the very first minute struggle imposed on the entire field, not giving opponents a moment for reflection. Especially userdstvovali on its flank Fievy brothers, downloading attacking class transfers.

And in the very beginning of the meeting with young vladikavkaztsami Dynamo had two or three golevyh clearly possible, but in one case, a blunder Eugene Duhnov and Hassan MAMTA, and in another well played goalkeeper Vladimir Tsarakov guests.

But in the fifteenth minute of the owners failed dvuhhodovka good.

Vasily Fiev once again left out in the cold by Alan Tsahilova and overlaid on a plate as the ball into the center of the penalty Mamtovu. Striker playfully freed from custody, Herman Gadzhilova and has zamahnulsya for the decisive blow, but was shot down. Full penaltist team Valery Tshovrebov razvel goalkeeper and the ball at different angles of the gate.

not yet managed to guests to experience this trouble, as Fiev with Mamtovym organized his new challenge. But the forward managed to launch the ball higher cross from a distance of less than five meters.

guests uplotnili defense to the limit, leaving only the front Soslan Dzatieva, which, incidentally, prostaival unemployed. Dynamo, having realized that even nastyrnymi attacks to break through the multi-layer defense difficult opponents, losing half its field, trying to vymanit here rivals. And when they succumbed to a ploy to become further transmission behind the defenders to throw a breakthrough in their mobile players. Until then, by the time this scheme has not included the result - too painful to inaccurate transmissions sinned Tshovrebov and Valery Shevyrev, hozyaynichavshie in the center of the field. But ten minutes before the break Stavropolskaya idea worked. A long, 40 meters, passing Shevyreva В«outside collarВ» podhvatil defenders on the left edge Nikolay Fiev. He easily ran in isolation and brosivshegosya past him in the legs Tsarakova sent the ball into the far bottom corner.

stavropoltsy But that does not calm down. Once out on the field after the break, they have organized a quick attack on the edge of which was the hero of last match Basil Fiev.

But to reach the shock position he did not give George Baroev, sbivshy like an half on the border of the penalty area. Roman Studnev, which this season has not often go over the top, but regularly punches penalty, for its challenge revoked, sending the ball from the goalkeeper to the far upper corner.

Having been a comfortable advantage in the bill, Edward Bogdanov did not change his game to a practice as much as possible of their players, and released on a field of six new players. Do not say that they have increased the game dinamovtsev, for example, clearly falls far Andrei Kopylov, but Maxim Mihitaryants increased the pressure in the heart attack. And he was ten minutes before the final whistle was able to complete a long combination of his team.

And after five minutes distinguished Vladimir Saversky, punished for a mistake at the exit completely exhausted goalkeeper guests.

Now stavropoltsam give unpleasant visits to Novorossiisk and Rostov.

Both teams missed the next round - novorossiytsy from the fact that «Anzhi-Khazar» withdrew competitions and rostovchane did not want to go in the Caspian, and they ÚÁÓÞÉÔÁÎÏ defeat with the score 0:3.

remaining matches ended well: В«Angusht-2В» - В«AruaВ» - 1:1, В«Terek-2В» - В«Volgar-Gazprom-2В» - 2:3, В«MozdokВ» - В«Ulan Zalat В»- 3:0,В« Spartak-2 В»-В« Alaniya В»- 1:0,В« Kavkaztransgaz-2005 В»-В« Beslan-BMK В»- 1:0,В« Elista В»-В« Kavkazkabel В»- 6:1.

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