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Dima Bilan had an accident ..

A well-known pop singer, idol of many teenagers, finding themselves in the hospitable land of Stavropol, hit the auto catastrophe.

According to the press service UGIBDD GUVD SC, on Monday at 13.30 meters at the 371-kilometer federal highway "Kavkaz" driver "Zhiguli," moving in the direction of Mineralnye Vody - Pyatigorsk, left for oncoming lane and collided with a Gazelle . From the impact of its deployed, and the machine was faced with another zhigulenkom. We know that in the accident suffered three musicians. One of them a small bruise on his forehead, the second one - turning the wall of his forehead, the third - dislocated shoulder. But Bilan name did not appear among them.

Doubts involvement in the pop singer to the accident occurred for several reasons.

One of them - "undervalued" brand cars, which allegedly was Bilan. The point is that not so long ago, the organizers of the concert Dima in the regional center was required to provide the singer almost a Bentley. " And in the accident are the "only" Zhiguli. " Secondly, the last days pestreli news reports that at his own concert in Luzhniki "Bilan received burn a person lost his eyesight and consequently is in a metropolitan hospital. In the statement, on posters Stavropol at the end of the month Dima concert in Green Theater Central Park followed the announcement of the cancellation.

But correspondent Stavropol government found that Dima Bilan really had an accident. As reported by the press service of the Department of Internal Affairs to CMS, the accident happened at the fork in the road in front of the market "Lyudmila" (that is, on the same 371 th km of the Caucasus ").

singer himself was not injured, and his musicians are aimed at the city hospital.

By the way, yesterday evening, was scheduled to address Bilan in Pyatigorsk concert hall "Kamerton. In the local Philharmonic reported that information on the abolition of the concert they had not.

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