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Contracts rescinded, the issue reopened.

Foreign Affairs of Russia has begun the procedure for annulment of documents on the border with Estonia. Problem

international legal registration of the territorial delimitation between Russia and Estonia remains open, and in this regard would require further negotiations. This is stated in a note sent yesterday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed the Estonian diplomatic mission in Moscow.

official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko on Monday confirmed the invitation, the Estonian Ambassador Karin Jaani at the Smolensk area and send her a note of MFA of Russia. The note said that the Russian Foreign Ministry had to В«initiate internal procedures for the withdrawal of Russia in accordance with international law obligations arising from the signing of the Treaty on the Russian-Estonian border and the Treaty on the delimitation of maritime areas in the Narva and the Gulf of FinlandВ».

In other words, start the procedure for cancellation of the signing of these documents.

Recall treaty on maritime and land borders have been signed by Moscow and Tallinn on May 18. In preparing contracts for signature Russian party withdrew its initial proposal of signing contracts with both the Political Declaration on the basis of bilateral relations. This was done at the request of the Estonian side to the signing of these treaties are not linked to any other documents or acts of a political nature.

This MFA of Russia took note of the repeated assurances of Estonia on that and she, in turn, would not link the treaties with any political or other non-commitment issues. Official Tallinn promised not to take any steps that could disrupt the process of signing and ratifying treaties.

Nonetheless, June 20, the Estonian Parliament adopted a law on ratification, which contains unacceptable provisions, including, in particular, references to ceased to act Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920, as well as the Declaration Estonian state assembly for the restoration of the constitutional state power of October 7, 1992.

These links, as considered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, did not correspond to objective reality, create a false context for interpreting and implementing the provisions of treaties and deny the very ratification; and the signature of Estonia under those treaties.

hastiness of Tallinn with the ratification of treaties in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered unreasonable. According to Russian diplomats, it was conducted without serious negotiations with representatives of opposition parties in the parliament of Estonia. All this shows the desire to put Russia in front of the fact that the Estonian side with all the formalities are completed and nothing can not be changed.

Estonian side has not yet comment on the situation around the Treaty on gosgranitse with Russia.

note itself, according to the Embassy of Estonia in Moscow, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia in Tallinn and studied there.

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Paet said his country does not intend to change В«for the sake of RussiaВ» preamble has recently ratified the border treaty. В«Estonia demonstrated good will, the border treaty ratified in parliament, was not added any additional requirements or conditions, the Russian-Estonian border is taking place there, where it is written in the document, and no territorial claims in the speech may not goВ», - said Paet.

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