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Borozdinskaya battle.

The situation in the pages Borozdinovskaya Shelkovskogo areas of Chechnya is becoming strained. Relatives of detainees

June 3, residents blocked the highway Makhachkala-Astrakhan, and the federal command in the area of conflict perebrasyvaet additional troops.

unauthorized rally with the release of detained June 3, residents of Borozdinovskaya pages held in federal highway Makhachkala-Astrakhan. About 150 people, relatives of detainees in the course of stripping, blocked the road and stopped traffic destined for this route to Chechnya.

protesters demanded he arrange a meeting with the Joint Command of forces and on their freedom of «illegally detained relatives».

«çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru» had already been written about the incident in the village. To a large extent, created an inter-ethnic conflict there. It all started last Sunday when Borozdinovskoy was very mysterious trimming. According to the results of searches and shooting in the village, one person was killed (along with the house burned down), 11 had been detained by unknown. It all started as if in Borozdinovskoy police and military forces conducted a standard cleaning. Monday morning, a source at the Interior Ministry in Chechnya briefly told agents that during the operation arrested 11 people, and a transaction carried out Chechen fighters battalion «East», under the command of Sulima Yamadaeva (scale mop then explained that a few days before his father was killed in the village one of the subordinates Yamadaeva). The number of detainees still looks strange, because for so many people at once is usually not taken even the hostile mountain villages and Borozdinovskaya is located in a relatively peaceful area of the plain.

The source, however, totally forgot to say that all shvachennye were dagestantsami, which stanitsa even more than the Chechens.

More strangeness began. After the sweep of a known, a wave of indignation has risen in neighboring Dagestan. Dagestantsy all the blame placed on the squad Yamadaeva and Chechens as a whole. As told «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», on Wednesday dagestantsy for the first time, blocked a road in the area Kizlyara and then in Dagestan have been strengthened security measures.

Since then, the authorities of both republics locked in silence and have all denied. National authorities of Dagestan on Wednesday reported that there were no riots there, and the strengthening of security measures due to military exercises. The squad Yamadaeva altogether denied its connection with the events in stanitsa. Immediately after stripping one of the brothers Yamadaevyh - State Duma deputy Ruslan Yamadaev said «Gazete.Ru», that the fighters «East» were Borozdinovskoy entire 15 minutes and no stripping is not performed. Yamadaev said that the residents, no one stopped and everything is happening in the village to the battalion «East» even not relevant. «This is a cleverly conceived provocation to bedaub battalion« East », - said Yamadaev« Gazete.Ru », adding that 11 of the alleged detainees, one might say, are missing, because no one knows who zachistil stanitsu.

Only on Thursday it became clear that stanitsu zachischali not unknown people, but all the same members of the Chechen militia. Chapter Shelkovskogo police department reported that 11 Dagestanis arrested for involvement in militia activity. They say, was in Banda couriers.

By Saturday, more obscure, the conflict has become useless, and the authorities actually admitted their impotence and the inability to resolve the conflict peacefully. Friday evening, a source at the Interior Ministry of Dagestan reported that the republic is scheduled to be held «targeted preventive actions to ensure the rule of law».

According to him, to carry out these activities in Dagestan, additional forces of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from the Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, and several regions of the North Caucasus. Such rumors have crept into the beginning of the week, schools Makhachkala witness even saw zasevshih snipers.

In addition, according to the source, prevention activities will be attended by units of the Ministry of Defense. He added that the usefulness of these activities is dictated by the «need for the rule of law in the territory of Dagestan». However, the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs official said that troops from the Chechen-Dagestan conflict is not bound. «In Dagestan held regular preventive measures on the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, they are linked with frequent attacks on law enforcement officers of the possible involvement of the Interior troops», - reported «Gazete.Ru» the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs. «This is a criminal situation, it has nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with Borozdinovskoy. Let's deal. As for the current rally, he, again, was held on the territory of Chechnya. Living together is indeed one of the CPR, blocked some local roads, but the question of overlapping federal highway was not », - told the press officers.

clarify the situation and explain what is actually happening on the Chechen-Dagestan border, and were unable to press service of the Chechen Interior Ministry. They knew about the conduct of today's rally, but no details have not been able, suggesting contact with the office of Ministry of Internal Affairs Shelkovskogo area. They, in turn, «Gazete.Ru» reported that a rally near the pages Borozdinovskaya is still ongoing.

«About 60 people blocked the exit Borozdinovsky area trails Makhachkala-Astrakhan. Standing residents near kizlyarskogo federal checkpoint number 4, is now negotiating with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs », - reported« Gazete.Ru »in Shelkovskom ATC.

In doing so, the police confirmed the arrest of local residents, but claimed that they themselves neprichastny.

«In stanitsa indeed detained several residents involved in the NWF, their location is unknown to us. We do not know exactly who arrested them, we do not know where they were taken. Maybe, in the republican Interior Ministry, could have far », - said« Gazete.Ru »duty.

Thus, the location of the people arrested or abducted and remains so far unknown.

Text: Ilya Barabanov, Xenia Solyanskaya

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