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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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In China in the Tibetan Plateau occurred a powerful earthquake.

The number of victims of the earthquake more than 600 people, dozens of local residents can not get out from under the rubble, but the chances of finding people alive under the rubble of a rapidly melting.

The morning of April 14 at the north-western China near the border with Tibet, Qinghai Province massive earthquake measuring 7.1 points. After the first shock elements were recorded 18 more repeated aftershocks. The earthquake was felt in the neighboring province of Sichuan, where in May 2008 there was a terrible earthquake that killed more than 80 thousand people, five million people were left without a roof over their heads. The epicenter of tremors was located in the county Yuyshu at a depth of 33 km to the border with Tibet.

The earthquake killed more than 600 people and more than 9 thousand were wounded.

number of casualties may increase. In the disaster area destroyed homes, churches, gas stations, power facilities, disrupted cellular communication. In the nearby reservoir dam formed a dangerous crack, if it raspolzetsya, prefecture face inundation. Rescue work hampered by the lack of special equipment for parsing debris, which so far can not be delivered to the affected areas due to landslides, damaging roads.

in the city moved more than five thousand soldiers People's Liberation Army of China, who are trying to dismantle the rubble, clean the road and pull people out from under the ruins.

Columns of army trucks were going tents, quilts and warm clothing, homeless residents. At nightfall, the temperature in the foothills of Tibet falls to five degrees below zero. In the highland Yuyshu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture live peasants and herdsmen in Qinghai Province are a lot of coal and copper mines. Here, earthquakes occur frequently, but this disaster was the strongest since 1976.

Government of China has allocated 200 million yuan ($ 29.3 million) to overcome the effects of the earthquake. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao ordered to make all possible efforts to rescue people in the disaster zone. Their aid to China offered Russia.

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