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The majority of Russians opt for a vacation home.

Prices for vacation resorts in the low-cost foreign countries and the south of Russia, Ukraine as well as almost equal.

summer, I can say is already in full swing, travel agents, holiday homes and boarding houses are increasingly told clients: "June - sold out" or even "for July offers no." To buy tickets, as the railway, and aviation, the popular summer south direction, too, quite a stress. Nevertheless, the results of public opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of Russians do not rest on the resort or through tours, preferring to enjoy at home or at the dacha.

On the possibility of travel to the resort of our compatriots looked skeptical.

These polls Fund "Public Opinion" (æïí) show: the majority of Russians believe that the opportunity to go to a spa or in a sightseeing tour is available only from the rich people. In respect of a foreign holiday this point have 84% of respondents. The number of those who believes that Russia and the rest is available only for the rich, slightly fewer - 77%. Only 13% of those surveyed said that people of their social position can afford to go abroad to rest. And only a quarter of respondents (24%) said that they could afford to relax in the Russian resort or Excursion tour.

probably more of those states that can afford to vacation in Russia, is not so much with the objective difference in the price of trips, but with the possibility of so-called informal recreation ( dikarem). This type allows the rest to look the most different types of accommodation, from camping and free beds in the city beach under a canopy. On nutrition, you can also save otvariv his pot on a fire samovylovlennogo rapana or zazhariv fish. Although this is perhaps an extreme version of economical recreation. There are people who prefer the same extreme spa vacations abroad, but not many, especially without the knowledge of languages, or visiting other countries for the first time in life, choose such. The difference in prices to "organized", that is ordered through the agency of rest is, but it is not so much as one might think initially.

Strana.Ru specifically investigated the minimum prices for holidays in Turkey (as one of the most affordable resorts in the world) and the Azov and Black Sea coast of Russia and Ukraine.

appeared that organized a week of cheap holidays in Turkey at the two men will have to pay between 500 and 700 dollars.

This is a 2 * - 3 * hotel with three meals a day, or system of All-inclusive, which is determined by the operators as the most favorable financial terms, because they do not have to spend extra money on food. (In Turkey, 2 * - 3 * - as a rule, hotels with phone numbers, which have a bathroom with shower, air conditioning and a swimming pool. Hotels 2 *, as a rule, are far from the sea and they can not own beach) . The price also includes flights and transfers from airport to hotel.

most accessible from the Russian resort correspondent Strany.Ru employees of travel agencies were places on the Azov coast of Russia and Ukraine - Eisk, Berdyansk, etc. Here, in the case of organized vacations with three meals a day to two a week, you can meet the $ 300 (slightly less than 9000 rubles) - without the amenities, or to pay about 10,000 rubles (360 - $ 370) for accommodation with all modern conveniences. But here in the price does not include relocation and tranfert. The cheapest ticket platskartny in the Crimea now costs about 900 rubles, while in Sochi - about 1100 rubles per round trip for two people it will be in the area of 150-160 dollars. Also, you will need to get from the station to the place of rest, which will take a certain amount of funds. Thus, the minimum amount of organized recreational resort in Russia right up close to foreign rates.

With regard to travel abroad in the near future, they are unlikely to become a favorite way to spend a holiday for Russians, even if they are in large numbers will be good to earn. The point is that, as shown by the results of a survey æïí, more than half (52%) of respondents say that they feel, vacations abroad, hesitantly. Do not experienced such feelings would be only 30% of Russians. Perhaps this uncertainty associated with the language barrier, as well as the complete lack of experience abroad. Almost 60% of respondents said that in order to travel on holiday abroad you need to know at least one foreign language, and only 31% hold the opposite opinion.

Over the past ten years, 83% of our fellow citizens never have to go abroad, 12% said that visits to neighboring countries (CIS and Baltic countries) and only 6% of respondents go abroad.

also discourage foreign holiday Russians may need to get this passport, which is connected with little waste of money for photos, and form of the passport, and with the loss of time and effort to fill out the questionnaire, queue, or simply the way from home to the passport office.

All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) has also conducted a study on the summer holidays for the Russians. These data suggest that the most popular form of leisure and relaxation of our fellow citizens - in a dacha gardens. In 2003 and 2004. such rest opted to 22% of respondents. In other towns and villages of Russia held a summer 16-17% of the respondents, including the Black Sea 6-8%. In neighboring countries in 2003, 2004. rested for 4% of Russians. At the far abroad also had only 2%. Nearly 2 / 3 of Russians (62%) and the past, and pozaproshlym summer to stay at home. Of these, В«go about their businessВ» 39 and 42%, and there was no money for the trip "at 20 and 23%. VTsIOM said that Russian plans for the summer of 2005 not much has changed in comparison with the past and pozaproshlym years. Some changed the ratio of intra-group of respondents who would prefer to stay home. Among them, some increase in the number of those going to "go about their business - from 35 to 41% - and reduced the number of those with" no money "- from 25 to 21%.

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