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Frankenstein over a car.

The last festival «Kinotavr» won «Driver for Vera» Paul CHUKHRAI.

«Golden Rose» «Kinotavr» inherited Paul Chukhrai and «driver ...».

Best Films festival, as usual, «Kinotavr» pribereg to the final two-week marathon of new Russian cinema. Critics have guessed until the last minute - just to get the grand prize - Valeri Todorovsky or Paul Chukhrai. But in the end, «stepbrother Frankenstein» Todorovsky jury preferred «Driver for Vera» CHUKHRAI.

«If the president nominated me, I would also do not know how to stop the war in Chechnya», - had repeatedly warned the producer and the leading role in the film «My stepbrother Frankenstein» Leonid Yarmolnik.

If the chairman of the jury of 15 th «Kinotavr» I was, then, without hesitation, gave a «Gold rose» (the main prize of the festival) «Frankenstein», but «the best man's role» - debyutantu Daniil Spivakovsky . The actor-comedian, the young star of the Mayakovsky Theater, Spivakovsky almost the first time in his life plays a dramatic role (title), and does so brilliantly. His hero Pavlik Zakharov was a war, which has lost the eye and mind. He comes to Moscow for an operation and came to the house to his father, who did not knew about the existence of an adult son. He can not get rid of war, dislodge it from the head. The only thing he has learned to do - is to protect their and others' destruction. He did not bathe the mountain vodka, there is no resentment in the entire world for the broken youth and injury. On the contrary, it nice, smiling and very appealing in its absurdity. Zakharov wants to put a diamond eye - «that girls liked» - and asked «batyu» sing a song about the robin. Regularly at night Pavlik leaves check attics, basements and surroundings - it everywhere mereschatsya «Ghosts». By cornice of a very high floor, he goes out the window to a neighbor to check neponravivshegosya his guest, and every day walking to the station to meet Vasku Tobolkina (much later priyutivshaya Pavlik family learns that died Vaska death two years ago - at the hands of the Pavlik) . By intrusive found to protect the family from a non-existent danger, he settled in the house of peace and war at some point become too dangerous. Unhappiness, mutilated monster war is not suitable for a peaceful life. It is unclear what to do with it and what to do himself?

addition grossly darn eyes in film naturalism, there is no war - no torture, dead bodies and blood, but to look to find out the participants of this situation is almost unbearable physically - from no exit, it does not know the heroes of the picture, do not know its creators did not know, I'm sure, no one spectator. Because to say «I would be in their place ...» Only those who are not in their place, but the movie Todorovsky just that now that the brother-go-between-father-husband, a neighbor of Frankenstein is, almost everyone.

«My stepbrother Frankenstein» - the most original picture last year.

Guild of Film Critics and film critics decided to hand over his «Elephant» to him. However, neither the main kinotavrovskoy awards Todorovsky nor Spivakovsky not received. Spivakovsky just youthful years - a trend in the distribution of acting awards recently reduced to promote not only new but also old merit. So the main actor prize awarded to Alexander Abdulovu for her role in the movie Sergei Soloviev «About Love» does not seem a surprise.

With regard to the main prize - «Gold rose», then whatever the jury, the final decision «Kinotavr» has always been too predictable. This festival is usually awards big picture big masters who like most of the audience (unless an exception is that the awarding of the main awards «Brother» Alexei Balabanov in 1997-m and «war» in the 2002-meters). «Frankenstein», apparently proved to be too provocative. With deliberate balabanovskimi quotations, but quite the opposite Balabanova intonation - no heroism, only to despair of the hopelessness of the film clearly does not fit into the environment. During the same as the confessed «New Izvestiya» producer Yarmolnik picture, the film is not too eager to take and foreign prokatchiki who prefer movies optimistic, duhopodemnoe.

«Golden Rose» inherited «Driver for Vera» Paul CHUKHRAI.

This is a great costume nostalgic movie, where there is a love triangle, political intrigue, detective canvas, podbroshennye children, white and black ships machines, as well as fine artists and better direction. Full bouquet attractive to the viewer component.

62-year, Sevastopol, giving generalskaya, daughter of a general - Faith-hromonozhka. His father brought her out of the Kremlin's personal driver - handsome Igor Petrenko, detdomovskogo boy (by all indications are very positive). It is generalskuyu family intrigue starts with maid and tries to be very useful to the Faith, he is not aware that it leads to it - not a cynical career considerations, not a spiritual kinship with the same lonely soul, not all the same love. Everything seems to be a very interesting: polzala at the premiere of tears.

Yet the picture is clearly whether nedopisan, whether psychological nedoigran bed - for the deep psychological drama between the hero throwing two women, between the feelings and the calculation is too superficial, for the genre audience Film - nedoskazany too, because the motives of the characters is not enough convincing. However, at this arraignment, the viewer is not likely to pay attention - the picture in the near Time goes in rent for 100 copies, and on the scope of Russian cinema will be a success if the producers pridumayut ÇÒÁÍÏÔÎÕÀ campaign and will be able to attract cinema audiences under forty in theory is not interested in movies taken by the Soviet canons.

Prize for the best female roles out a theater actress Fomenko Polina Agureevoy, play a major role in the film «The long goodbye» Sergei Ursulyaka.

That - pronzitelnaya graceful screen same name by Yuri Trifonov about feelings, which must be valued, that no matter how difficult, poor and hungry have been years of youth, old age, even the most secure, they seem the best time life, and that person for life should be as much happiness, and how much misery. 50-s. Moscow theater. The young actress is torn between beloved husband - a talented, but not too successful playwright, and theater staff writer, she is not afraid, not the love, not that sorry, it is not pathological attraction to weak men. In contrast, Igor Petrenko in «Driver for Vera» transmit the heart laceration briefly, but very persuasive means.

U Ursulyaka as the Todorovsky, no politics, no stalinschiny, only hinting at the situation around, and the relationship of two people at the center. If the writer «Frankenstein» initially wanted to call his film balabanovskim called «war», then Ursulyak could well write in the first titre - «About Love». And not for a red serdechke from the movie Sergei Soloviev, but pronzitelnoy, painful, bitter human love, which was destined to disintegrate physically, but still remain in the perception of youth in 20 years. Familiar with ÐÏ×ÅÓÔ?À Trifonova condemn Ursulyaka for the distortion of the meaning of the author, many, on the other hand, praise for the subtle reading of the original. However, either - not a criterion, because the number of readers of literature, and reads as much. I think that the «long goodbye» - the picture is not just a great, but talking not so much new, but well-forgotten old and very unexpected because today kinoyazykom. Ursulyak is not afraid to be fashionable, that seeks to reverse the effect. The film brilliantly stylized as black and white film 50's, occasionally preryvayuscheesya chuvstvennymi (in direct and symbolic sense) color inserts, and fragments of the 70's, shot as if on fast vytsvetayuschuyu film «Svema». This film, unlike the «driver» and «Frankenstein» is unlikely to be a commercial success, perhaps, «Kinotavr» it underestimated. But Polina Agureeva certainly «Best Actress» current competition.

Overall competition «Kinotavr» leaves depressing impression, because it suggests that the past year (since last «Kinotavr») for domestic films has been extremely disappointing.

The impression is clearly wrong, because we have already written, the anniversary «Kinotavr» a lot of «loss» - to MMKF went «Dad!» Vladimir Mashkov, «Night Watch» Timur Bekmambetova and «Goddess» Renata Litvinova is given in Vyborg, a «Nastroyschik» Kira Muratova, probably in Venice, but not in competition - in the words of «witnesses», Muratova no longer wants to compete with anybody. Given all of these names, the year can be called yield. At the final meeting of the Guild of Film Critics and the chairman of the professional film critics guild Victor Matizen invited colleagues to come together and engage in the struggle for the regulation of relations between MMKF and «Kinotavr», as a result of the senseless dragging films from each other to lose both. «Kinotavr», as the largest national film festival, should receive all Russian paintings to again become a mirror of Russian cinema, which he has been at least thirteen of fifteen.

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