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Sleng oligarchs: the "recovery" to "adopt": Hedgehogs, pioneers, presidents and evroidy.

Nothing so quickly does not respond to the changed realities of life as a vocabulary citizens. Track

language metamorphosis, you can understand much of what is happening. For example, now, as the "Novaya Gazeta, the most actively developed area, is about the complex relationship with the state and officials.

Once we talked to Newspeak gray jackets and caps pies, and then manage our vocabulary malinovye jacket, now managed by biznesleksikoy two categories of citizens - are inconspicuous in civilian clothes and highly visible representatives of big business.

Businessmen about yourself: from the "passenger" to the "oligarch"

All those in business, now called "passengers". Just a passenger - a small businessman with links that can afford to house somewhere in Malahovke and kopit on the western. He unfit attention. Worse than worthless only passenger - one who is constantly running, and asking for money in various business projects. He, of course, do not - unless "the goats" (foreign investors).

serious business traveler is approaching oligarhicheskomu, but not quite. Once introduced into use journalist Alexander Fadinym word "oligarch" prizhilos in the business environment and ceased to bear their original negative connotation. Today's oligarchs - people are educated and well aware that the concept actually means. A narrow range of people, far from frightening people, in fact, is also heterogeneous. In addition to the oligarchs, members of the ratings Forbes, there are "oligarchs dwarf" that moving around "krupnyaka, sharing with them the business.

Russian big business - no fan of amputees with inyaza, unlike managers of small and medium-sized hands, who love to get a tracing English: something like "zaapruvit" (from the English to approve), that is, from the boss to sign a piece of paper. According to the "Novaya Gazeta" and blatnyak, survived the "new Russians", gradually takes the position that can not but rejoice.

All those working at major passenger and oligarchs, despite differences in their situation, for the owner - always "servants": vice-president of the bank until a security guard at the exit . But the vice president or head of department did not consider themselves servants and obzyvaet this word all those below him on the hierarchical ladder.

The "movement": the "cake" to "reception pioneers" through "popadalovo"

foundation of modern Russian business - a "movement". This particular process, so to speak, meaningful party, which may be something to negotiate, a little bit poteret, to assess the passengers. The movement can take place anywhere: in the club, in a restaurant. But this is not always explicit skopische people in the topic. For example, the phrase "went on the movement of" Power machines "means that the business of the corporation beginning to be interested in or around something vertitsya occurs. Movement monitor all because someone who podsuetilsya time, can get" air "(earnings) and those who proshlyapil - in danger of "getting."

movement depends largely on the state: from officials, law enforcement agencies, different types of lobbyists. Everything related to power - a special paper. Article dictionary and paper costs. As evidenced by "Novaya Gazeta, the terms used in this case, cautious, sense of refuge from the eyes. For example, the principal officials, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin called a "portrait".

are firmly entrenched phrases describing the relationship between business and power. Customs makes good - means an agreement reached with the government on any occasion. Typically, the "customs" is difficult to agree, if you do not feed her representative "tortikom. Cake (a bribe) is kilogrammovym, dvuhkilogrammovym and so on. Officials in these "kg" understand very well, and the size of "kilogram" very much depends on the scale of business. Cake often take - "eat", but may be asked to "supplements". This is not a problem, is worse - when the "cake skis, that is, was unnecessary. The reasons for this are - weight: and kidalovo "on the part of officials, and podsuetivshiysya competitor who zanes cake bigger. In any case, bad prevailing conditions may result in "popadalovom.

In this case, a businessman in danger of getting the money or it might be "guests" - unpleasant masked men. More generally the situation is developing in two directions. Option One - the cake is enormous. Option the second - the businessman will be either "passed in the pioneers' (called in for questioning), or simply" adopted "(arrested), and then you leave to rest (in prison). In the best case would be "skitaltsem (forced emigrants), while" obkeshivshis "- that is out of business and transferring capital to nalichku. "Keshitsya" quickly (a scheme, usually zagotovleny in advance, the most prudent keshatsya slowly), or - "fence" (the forced withdrawal of business) or bankruptcy. For the last procedure of economic thought is neblagozvuchnoe definition - "ass", which can be independently or that can be put.

money and the transaction: "grandmother" and "graters"

Since the early 90's changed attitude to money. Before they reach the neprilichiya just and commented on them lightly, referring to "cabbage". But the "cabbage" ate with the "green" - these notions are gone. Still alive forever "grandmother" and "lemon" - that is one million. But the attempt to call a billion "orange" has failed. "Yard" sounds more self-confident.

But the most interesting in terms of foreign philologist, takes place in an area which is linked to the process of earning babok. The concepts reflect, to put it mildly, difficult situation in which lives and sometimes growing Russian business.

For a discussion of transactions has remained the same blatnoe name "graters. They are intense, long, short, vonyuchie and so on - to define their enormous quantity, but the word is not just hard work, but tyagomotnoe walking on a minefield, with unpredictable consequences. Any graters could end up "popadalovom", which is disadvantageous contract sulyaschim loss. And then "kidkom (kidalovom) - deception, originally scheduled contractor who has spent a better reception than the one who finally hit.

Accordingly, the counterparties are different: "kidaly, mutnye (who can not formulate a long time that something vnyatnoe)," in cases "(that is, have the authority and the subject of to talk), "tusovochnye (brokers who bring clients with a percentage of this)," tailed "(who sits on the tail of any" movement ").

Summary Business Dictionary

"General" - the general director.

"Cottage" - a country house, regardless of its value.

"Evroidy - the euro.

"Hedgehog" - the company odnodnevka, which is used for drainage or income tax avoidance. Synonyms: "dandelion", "monkey", "black."

"Mother" - a holding company.

"Monthly" - regular checks supervisory bodies.

"Portrait" - the president.

"presidents" - U.S..

"Laundry" - a small bank engaged in a gray schemes.

"Empty, like a drum" - people without money.

"My guests today - means that the office zavalilis inspection: any - from prosecutors to the Accounting Chamber.

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