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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Major killer Evsyukov received a life sentence.

Denis Evsyukov found guilty of murder and two attempted murder of 22 persons.

Yesterday the Moscow City Court sentenced the former head of ATS Tzaritzyno Dennis Evsukova was created in April of last year's massacre at the supermarket "Island", to life imprisonment in a colony of special treatment. Court stripped Denis Evsukova rank of major of militia and granted the victims' claims for compensation of material damage, totaling 150 thousand rubles. Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev court sent a private definition of prosbyuu eliminate the causes that contributed to crime.

Based on the testimony of numerous witnesses and victims, the judge acknowledged Dmitry Fomin, Major guilty of murdering two people and attempted murder of another twenty-two - seven of them were injured.

Also, the court found the defendant guilty of illegal possession and carrying of weapons and an attack on the life of a law enforcement officer. From the decision indicated that the major Onkar, celebrating the April 26, 2009 its 32 th anniversary in restaurants "Avignon" and Golden Time and being in a state of intoxication, committed the crime of "hooliganism".

First he shot the driver Sergei Evteeva, which it picked up. Then, wounded two people near the garage cooperative, and then another four young people at the entrance to the supermarket "Island". But this was not limited to major and, after going to the store, took a girl hostage and wounded a young man. And when the girl broke, drunk, Major followed her to the cashier, where the emphasis had shot the cashier Elmira Turdaevu. He then proceeded to the backyard of the supermarket, which was trying to shoot a few more people. Since police officers rode up, he entered into a gunfight, after which he was detained.

himself a former police officer pleaded guilty only to those crimes, which recorded surveillance cameras. He said that he acted unintentionally and does not remember anything of what happened. Lawyers for Major killer Evsukova intend to appeal the verdict.

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