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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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For "riverine" followed by elite settlement.

VIP-tenants "fantasy islands" is not afraid of threats to the mayor of Moscow.

Elite Moscow town "Fantasy Island", located next to the infamous gardening "Rechnik" - the next in line for elimination.

dismantled with the "riverine" Moscow authorities plan to demolish another village in Krilatskiy and evicted from their apartments senior Russian officials.

now in the village of "Fantasy Island" live, in particular, the head MHSD Tatiana Golikova, Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko, the former senator Umar Dzhabrailov, a businessman Iskander Makhmudov. In addition, live here, and other influential people, such as FSB chief in Moscow and Moscow region Viktor Zakharov, the general State Drug Control Viktor Bulba and Deputy Luzhkov, Vladimir Resin. To register ownership of the inhabitants of "Islands of fantasies" had to be through the courts. Ex-Senator Umar Dzhabrailov, in particular, spent a year and a half.

Elite settlement "Fantasy Island" consists of 24 two-storey villas and 19 four-storey houses.

apartments in this complex - one of the most expensive in the world. One-room apartment costs about $ 1.6 million "Island" will take power after the bailiffs will ensure that all the judgments in the village "Rechnik." Demolition of houses in the village began on the night of January 21.

Today marshals plan to tear down another 5 buildings on that residents' Rechnik "replied auto race with Poklonnaya Hill to the city center.

participants who were not detained, drove to City Hall, where standing on the ground and signals. Permission to use the land and build houses shield Muscovites were issued in the late 50's and 90's of the conservation area is formed. In the settlement "Rechnik" planned to demolish 37 buildings.

According to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the village appeared contrary to the decisions of the city authorities, and the Prefecture of the Western District in its time "proshlyapila this issue".

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