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Prosecutor General's Office called the killing of Paul Klebnikov customer.

This is - Hozh-Nuha Ahmed, a former Chechen field commander, who was the chief hero of the book journalist "Conversation with the barbarians", said the representative of the prosecutor's office.

In his book, Khlebnikov had a negative answer to Nuhaeve, who called himself a member of the ichkeriyskogo government "and criticized his remarks, clarified the investigators. Needless murder, according to law enforcement agencies have been committed members of an organized criminal group, which included residents of the Chechen Republic Kazbek Dukuzov, his brother Magomed Dukuzov, Musa Wachau, Magomed Edilsultanov and others. They are "specialized" in extortion and murder for hire, said the prosecutor's office.

Khlebnikov, a U.S. citizen, was killed late in the evening of 9 July 2004.

He was fatally shot in the head in the center of Moscow and died in a car ambulance. " According to the investigation, Musa Wachau and Kazbek Dukuzov to "Zhiguli with fake numbers came to office, where Khlebnikov worked, and when he came out of the building, shot him from the Makarov pistol at least 10 times.

Currently Dukuzov and Wachau arrested - were detained in Minsk at the request of the Russian special services in November.

investigation of a criminal case against them, as previously reported, has been completed.

The file handed over to introduce the victim and the accused, after which the case will be sent to court. The remaining members of organized groups declared wanted.

Meanwhile, members of the criminal group is also charged with the murder of former Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic, Jan Sergunina committed in June 2004 in Moscow, the attempted murder of businessman Alexei Pichugina (which is tezkoy convicted Yukos), robbery and extortion.

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