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Stavropol - City.


creating the Azov-Mozdoksky line in the period of struggle with Turkey over the North-West Caucasus, the royal government aims to strengthen the borders and the preservation of peaceful relations with zakubanskimi Circassians and other mountain peoples. The military administration of the Caucasus has sought to establish economic ties with them - in every possible way to develop the exchange and sale of goods.

Already in March 1780 on the orders of Prince Potemkin for prilaskaniya kabardinskogo people to the Russian side "has been told to build a fortified line - a fortress Stavropol, George, Mozdokskoy - at the expense of kazenny barns for storage of" small-minded " goods and shops for sale. In 1783 the same for Prince Potemkin points out: "By mutual trade appointed by the three cities for the exchange and sale of goods: Ekaterinograd, Georgievsky, Stavropol.

Thus, some six years after the founding of the fortress city of Stavropol has already been called and in addition to its military purposes has become one of the centers of economic ties with the peoples of the Caucasus.

long tenure of Russia in the Caucasus, the settlements were limited to the Terek, they were part of the Astrakhan region. But in connection with the development Predkavkazya in 1785 was created in the Caucasus namestnichestvo of the Caucasus and Astrakhan regions. Since then, the Stavropol formally became one of the six-county cities of the Caucasus region.

In 1802 in the huge space of the mouth Laby to the Caspian Sea and north to the Caucasus province Manycha established with the center in Georgievske.

As settlement and development Predkavkazya growing importance of an important trade and transit center gets Stavropol. It becomes a kind of the main gates of the Caucasus. In a city being Big Cherkasskiy highway linking St. Petersburg and Moscow with the Caucasus, Big Salskaya road access to the Volga River, the road to growth and Ekaterinodar.

In 1804, about half the merchants and burghers of almost 60 per cent of the entire Caucasus region has been concentrated in the town of Stavropol.

In 1809, at the invitation of Emperor Alexander I in Stavropol arrive 50 Armenian families to build trade, "which live between the castle and stanitsey.

In 1815, Stavropol became the center of administration established in the Caucasus through the exchange of yards, where the chief warden of trade exchange with mountaineers.

In 1816, visited the chief of Stavropol in the Caucasus, General AP Ermolov. He stopped here serfs work, after which the city is becoming a center for military and leadership. In 1819, the castle is located in the commissariat, who supply the Caucasian corps.

growing economic and administrative importance of Stavropol.

Under the decree of July 24, 1822 Caucasus province transformed into a region. It became the center of Stavropol.

It has focused the entire military and civil administration, housed the headquarters of the commander of the troops from the Caucasus and the market, management of the Caucasus Line Cossack forces, agencies responsible for harvesting and supply troops with food and clothing.

In the years 1825-1827 pages Stavropol Cossacks resettled in the foothills and found stanitsu Quarantine (now - page Suvorovskaya), and their houses occupied by burgers, merchants and other human peace.

In May 1847 Caucasus region has been transformed in the Stavropol province with its center in the city of Stavropol.

Starting in the mid XIX century Stavropol is playing an increasingly prominent role in the cultural life of the Caucasus.

Back in 1816, is the first printing house in the North Caucasus.

After the defeat of the uprising here Decembrists were exiled many of its members - people of high culture and morality. In Stavropol visited A.A.Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, AI Odoevsky, AE Rosen, MA Nazimov, NI Lorer, VN Liharev and others.

several occasions - in 1837 - 1841 biennium. visited the Stavropol and exiled to the Caucasus M.Yu. Lermontov. Here he met with Dr. N. Meyer, who served as poet prototype Werner doctor in the novel "The hero of our time."

October 18, 1837 the Government established in the Caucasus Stavropol first classic men's gymnasium, and with its noble board.

In 1839, the city adopted the first visitors to the private library of merchant Chelahova.

In 1845 the city opened the first theater in the Russian Caucasus.

At the end of 1849 in the city for the first time in the North Caucasus was opened female secondary school of St. Alexander.

Since January 1st, 1850 began newspaper Stavropolskie Provincial Gazette.

Since 1851 there were an Armenian school.

December 29, 1852 opened the first public library.

in Stavropol visited many of the great people of Russia. Commanding in the 1778-1779 biennium. Kuban corps twice visited Stavropol fortress AV Suvorov. There were A. Griboedov and Pushkin, the general N. Raevsky, an outstanding composer A. Alyabev, the great Russian surgeon NI Pirogov, the pillar of Russian literature of Leo Tolstoy, poet and Ossetic educator KL Khetagurov. In May 1894 in Stavropol with great success gave a concert FI Shalyapin.

With education and Terskoy Kuban Cossack areas and the end of the Caucasian War, the military-political and economic importance of Stavropol sharply reduced.

has worsened this trend construction Rostov-Vladikavkazskoy railroad traffic which opened July 2, 1875. Gubernsky Stavropol, about a hundred years, standing at the main post road Caucasus has proved far from the railway.

Stavropol, however, continue to remain one of the centers of grain trade. And in January 1st, 1897 it was podvedena railroad station from the Caucasus.

Since 1862, Stavropol had telegraphic communication with Tbilisi. And in 1863 was a direct relationship with Moscow. Telegraph line soon gained great international importance: the Stavropol and Tbilisi has telegraph link between Moscow and Tehran, London, Bombay. In 1897, started the urban telephone network use.

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