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Novorossiysk policeman complained to Putin over the Internet.

In his address, Major Dymov briefly told about the life and work of Russia's officer.

Police major Alexei Dymov from Novorossiysk published on Thursday on its website a video message to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

the videos in two officer department for combating illegal drug trafficking tells of numerous abuses of police authorities.

Alex Dymov worked there for ten years. He argues that the management of ATC refers to subordinates, as "a beast." Police are working seven days a week, receive small salaries while they are required to disclose non-existent crime and sent to jail the innocent. Rank of major of militia, in particular, Dymov received for a promise to put an innocent man. In addition, there is a manual ATC Novorossiysk not treat policemen outpatients, not to give them hospital because of poor performance in detection of crimes. According Dymov, leadership has promised to bring in otshenii his criminal case for libel. Criticized the system is not supported by the Major none of the colleagues.

According to the police, in 2009, police made more than 69 thousand crimes. More than 6 thousand employees of traffic police were brought to disciplinary responsibility, 381 of which were dismissed. The loudest is the incident that occurred April 27 when the head ATS Tzaritzyno Major Denis Evsyukov while intoxicated, shot from a pistol visitors and staff of the supermarket "Island". As a result, three people were killed and six were wounded.

Interior Ministry's central staff are aware of a video of Major Alexis Dymov. In ATC Novorossiysk awaiting checks.

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