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The Caucasus are preparing for a big war.

Not without the participation of federal structures.

this week dramatically worsened the situation in the North Caucasus. On Tuesday in Dagestan, near Kizlyara, several hundred people blocked a federal highway, which leads to neighboring Chechnya. People have expressed outrage over the capture of their relatives during a raid on a village in Borozdanovku Shelkovskom region of Chechnya. At the same time, but on another occasion, speeches were held in Makhachkala. People gathered near the house had been killed the day before the official and demanded to stop criminal lawlessness in the country, where almost daily killing and blowing up of officials and businessmen. In parallel, exacerbated the situation in other Caucasian republics. Ossetians and Ingush are almost openly talk about the upcoming war between the two peoples. According to RBC daily surveyed experts, federal forces actually do nothing to rectify the situation.

Moreover, it seems that the Caucasian war, fueled by a local knowledge.

situation in the North Caucasus region continues to rapidly deteriorate. Last weekend in the border with Dagestan Shelkovskom region of Chechnya in the village Borozdanovke, where mostly dagestantsy, unknown armed groups carried out a strict cleaning. He was killed by 77-year-old man, a few houses burned, eleven local residents taken away in an unknown direction. Dagestantsy believe that the trimming of the village made a special battalion "Vostok" Sulima Yamadaeva, who is a member of the General Staff of the Russian GRU. Brothers Yamadaevy all charges in the incident rejected. According to them, the soldiers battalion arrived in the village the morning, stayed there 15 minutes and left, and at 3 pm in Borozdanovke emerged unidentified masked men, who called the soldiers "East." RBC daily interviewed experts believe that yamadaevskoe unit to fly, actually, neprichastno. "This is a provocation in order to involve the East in conflict with dagestantsami.

Yamadaevy never been involved in such things, "- said RBC daily former officer of one of the Russian special services.

history of raids on Borozdanovku just indignation aroused in Dagestan, where hundreds of local residents and relatives of the missing in Chechnya Dagestanis blocked a federal highway and demanded to investigate the incident. Notably, the parallel and people began to gather in Makhachkala, demanding an end to criminal and terrorist lawlessness. On Tuesday morning in the capital of Dagestan was killed by a chief specialist of bailiffs Dagestan Daud Magomedov. News of the republic in general is very specific. On the same day was an attempt on the deputy town meeting, the day before you move the administrative border with Chechnya detained militant, before the pipeline was blown up ... Almost every day in Dagestan bomb and kill. "The republic rasshatyvaetsya system is fragile ethnic equilibrium. Provokatory stalkivayut Dagestanis with Chechens, from the opposition in key positions in the republic dargintsev now hold only ÓÕÆÉÊÓËÉÅ Muslim leaders. While the opposition is in the form of a business conflict, but it already is moving in the inter-ethnic plane," -- RBC daily said the head of strategic planning of the Association of Cross-Border Cooperation Alexander Sobyanin. All these conflicts are taking place in full view of the federal authorities, but to prevent them nothing is done. Moreover, the federal action would only aggravate tensions. The response to the events in Dagestan and Chechnya was not closely review the incident and attempt to resolve the problem, but, according to observers, to enter in Makhachkala additional special forces, police and interior troops.

Even more strange situation in another area of the North Caucasus - Ingushetia and North Ossetia.

Ossetians and Ingush almost straight text suggests that between the two nations can once again go to war.

During the 90 years the conflict broke out around the Prigorodny district of Vladikavkaz. The Ingush sought to convey the region of Ingushetia, but as a result of military action was to maintain the status quo. After the tragedy in Beslan last autumn situation barely managed to keep from bursting. Militants seized the school came from Ingushetia, and Ossetians have been prepared to retaliate. "After Beslan, it was all clear that the Ossetians would not allow the return of Ingush refugees Prigorodny district. It is well understood and the refugees themselves, and the Ingush authorities", - said RBC daily political Jan Amelina. However, according to Ms. Amelin, in April of this issue "was suddenly raised by federal agencies and presidential plenipotentiary representative in the Southern Federal District, Dmitry Kozak. "It seems that the issue of refugee return artificially imposed Ossetians and Ingush," - said John Amelina. In addition, only one gunman who was arrested from participating in the attack on a school in Beslan, Nur-Pasha Kulaev suddenly talking about the role of the Ingush in the Beslan tragedy. Previously, such statements, he did not do. "Given the fact that access to Kulaevu is only the FSB, the new evidence Kulaeva looks very interesting," - said RBC daily former employee of one of the Russian special services. He said, "absolutely incomprehensible why, perhaps, quite deliberately excite ethnic conflict in the Caucasus." "All these steps lead to big Russian Caucasus war. So far razduvaniem Caucasian fire were mostly U.S. and European Union. We all remember, as filed in the West the tragedy in Beslan. Now they can not rule out helping and in Moscow", - said interlocutor RBC daily.

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