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òÖÅ×ÓËÉÊ hepatitis dopolz to Moscow.

In Moscow entered ÒÖÅ×ÓËÉÊ hepatitis A.

Doctors say that a seasonal increase in morbidity, but the supervisory authorities found that some patients did have visited the area of contamination. To prevent the spread of the virus in the capital, arrested the suspect batch of beer from Rzhev.

On Thursday afternoon Rospotrebsoyuz circulated a formal communication, which in Moscow reported several patients with hepatitis A.

on new patients reported in the official report Rospotrebnadzor received to the ITAR-TASS news agency.

«In Moscow, from 2 to 8 June, reported six cases of hepatitis A, among them two patients (father and son) traveled to the city of Tver Zubtsovsk, used the products of JSC« Rzhevpivo ». All patients hospitalized », - the report says.

In Rospotrebnadzor confirmed that Moscow is one of the regions, which supplied the beer and water «Rzhevskaya» of JSC «Rzhevpivo»: «The city has identified three shops that sell products« Rzhevpiva ». Resolution of the chief state sanitary doctor of Moscow suspended the implementation of JSC «Rzhevpivo».

At the same time, the chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said Russia: «In such a huge city like Moscow, cases of hepatitis are recorded every day, sometimes up to ten cases a day» .

«But this in no way means that the disease has spread to Moscow, due to poor quality soft drinks Rzhevskogo enterprise« Rzhevpivo », - hastened to reassure Moscow Onyshchenko.

chief sanitarian Nikolai Filatov capital assured that the epidemiological situation in Moscow remained calm, and outbreaks of hepatitis A is not fixed.

According to Filatov, with the enterprise «Rzhevpivo», products which, according to preliminary estimates, could become a source of spread of the disease in neighboring regions to the capital, only three parties lemonade, and all these parties are removed from sale.

As previously reported «Gazete.Ru» Head of surveillance of communicable diseases in the Moscow region Rospotrebnadzor Alla Cairo, «the situation of hepatitis A in the suburbs calm». «There are isolated cases, not related to the outbreak in the Tver region, - she said. - In Shahovskom area where products are shipped from Rzhev, no cases of illness were not registered ».

number of cases of hepatitis A in the Tver region by Thursday has reached 352 people, 75 of them - the children. According to the «Gazete.Ru» press secretary of the regional administration of Rospotrebnadzor of the Tver region, Irina Yamanova, according to data at 9.00, in Rzhev ill are 260 people, Rzhevskom area - 47 in Zubtsovskom area - 30 in Oleninskom area - 15 people . But this, according to doctors who have not yet limit. Since the incubation period of the disease lasts an average of 7 to 35 days (and sometimes up to 50 days), epidemiologists do not exclude that the number of cases will grow.

first affected appealed to the city hospital on 30 May, it can be assumed that the infection started at about the 20's of last month (or sooner). Thus, the number of cases will continue to grow at least until June 25.

In addition, the first cases of hepatitis A have appeared in the neighboring Smolensk region: the doctors identified 11 patients who were infected in the same way that residents of the Tver region. They all ate Kvass and lemonade production «Rzhevpiva». Drink this plant is considered the most possible source of infection. Now products «Rzhevpiva» mass removed from sale in all areas, where it came: in the Tver, Moscow and Smolensk regions.

However, the fact that the source of infection has been Kvass or lemonade «Rzhevpiva», still not officially confirmed. In a version said only that about 85% of patients had used these drinks. In one of the 52 samples rzhevskogo plant epidemiologists found coliform bacteria, but it does not say that it is possible to be infected with hepatitis A (agent of the disease is a virus). As explained «Gazete.Ru» one of epidemiologists, a large concentration of Escherichia coli can only testify to the overall pollution of the water. «There can be anything - explained the specialist - but the intestinal bacterium causes dysentery, hepatitis and not».

According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko, to seek the causes of the outbreak in the Tver, he has sent specialists from the Central Institute of Epidemiology, Institute of Gabrichevskogo, as well as the St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology.

Guide «Rzhevpiva» denies his guilt and does not exclude the possibility that the epidemic of hepatitis A - a terrorist act or the machinations of rivals rzhevskogo plant.

This «Gazete.Ru» said the press service management Rospotrebnadzor of the Tver region. She also Galyna Maluta regional prosecutor's office refused to comment on that version. «The investigation is considering all options - she« Gazete.Ru », - but to talk about something specific too early». According to her, from the outset in Rzhev epidemiologists working in conjunction with the investigative team, which should clarify the situation. When asked what makes the investigators on the ground, Maluta said: «All».

Alina Chernoivanova, Anastasia Makryashina, Andrei Ilyin

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